Here's What We Know About 'The Voice' Season 23, Including the Hilarious New Promo!

'The Voice' will return for season 23 with two new coaches taking over John Legend and Gwen Stefani’s big red chairs!

The good news is that The Voice has already been picked up for season 23. The bad news is that it will be original coach Blake Shelton’s final season.

The country music icon said he has been wrestling with the decision for a while now, and released the follow statement: “I’ve decided that it’s time for me to step away from The Voice after season 23. This show has changed my life in every way for the better and it will always feel like home to me. It’s been a hell of a ride over these 12 years of chair turns and I want to thank everyone at The Voice from NBC, every producer, the writers, musicians, crew and catering people, you are the best. It takes a lot of work, passion, and adult beverages (Ha!) to pull off a live show twice a week.”

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But before we mourn the loss, let’s look at what we can enjoy about Blake's final season. Here’s everything we know about season 23 to date.

When will The Voice season 23 premiere in 2023?

The Voice Season 23 is scheduled to premiere on March 6 on NBC.

What time is The Voice on?

The Voice will air from 8-10 p.m. ET/PT Mondays and 8-9 p.m. ET/PT Tuesday nights.

Who are The Voice coaches for season 23?

Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton<p>Trae Patton/NBC</p>
Blake Shelton

Trae Patton/NBC

Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper<p>Photo by Julia Reinhart/WireImage</p>
Chance the Rapper

Photo by Julia Reinhart/WireImage

“I’m thrilled to join The Voice as a coach for the next season,” Chance the Rapper said. “I’m excited to help other artists get to the next level and make the most of this life-changing experience. Get ready for #teamchance.”

Grammy Award-winning artist, songwriter and record producer Chance the Rapper will bring a fresh perspective to The Voice as a champion of ownership and creating opportunities for others in the music industry. Chance has been breaking records in the music industry since the start of his career. His third mixtape, Coloring Book, was streamed over 57 million times, debuting at No. 8 on the Billboard 200 and becoming the first release to chart solely on streams. Upon winning Best Rap Album, it became the first streaming-only album to win a Grammy. Chance is gearing up to release his next project, Star Line Gallery.

Niall Horan

Niall Horan<p>Photo by Daniele Venturelli/Daniele Venturelli / Getty Images</p>
Niall Horan

Photo by Daniele Venturelli/Daniele Venturelli / Getty Images

“I’m excited to be joining this season of The Voice as a coach,” Horan said “I’m looking forward to meeting and mentoring the new crop of talent while we battle it out with the other teams!”

Horan brings a plethora of experience and a massive fan following to The Voice. A former member of One Direction, known as one of the bestselling boy bands of all time, he has toured the world and played to millions of fans in sold-out stadiums worldwide, including Wembley Arena. Horan is a storyteller at heart. His two solo albums Heartbreak Weather and 2017’s Flicker, released on Capitol Records, were critically acclaimed. The latter debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 in the US and produced the hit singles “This Town” and “Slow Hands.”

Kelly Clarkson

<a href="" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:Kelly Clarkson" class="link ">Kelly Clarkson</a>

The fourth chair will see the return of Kelly Clarkson, following her season off. Kelly returns for her ninth season on The Voice. She is a four-time winner with Brynn Cartelli, Chevel Shepherd, Jake Hoot and Girl Named Tom.

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“I am so excited to be back with my Voice family!” Kelly said. “Let’s do this, Team Kelly!”

Who is leaving The Voice in season 23?

In addition to the aforementioned exit of Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, who was only back for one season, will not return.

Season 23 will also see the departure of John Legend, who has been a regular in the big red swivel chairs since joining in 2019’s Season 16. No word on whether John is just taking a break or it’s his final season as well. We’re hoping he’s just taking some time off as his wife Chrissy Teigen should be delivering their new baby after the first of the year.

When asked about John’s departure, NBC responded, "The coaches have music careers and other projects outside of The Voice, so the red chairs rotate each season. John Legend will always be part of The Voice family."

Then John told ET, "My family's growing, I have a new album out, I'm gonna do a little bit of touring, and so it's probably better that I take a break. We took a break last season because we had another show in our slot that the network tried—and I thought that was gonna happen this season, but it ended up that they wanted us back...but I'll be back on The Voice, just not this coming season."

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Is there a promo for The Voice season 23?

We got our first sneak peek of The Voice season 23 during the season 22 finale. And the clip definitely shows an old vs. new theme for 2023. EW exclusively revealed the teaser that opened with Niall asking Blake, "Do you think I've got a chance of beating you in your final season?" Blake deadpans, "No." Niall follows up with, "Wow. Strong words from a big man." The next frame shows Niall helping Blake his makeup. Next, Chance the Rapper asks Kelly the same question. She responds, "A chance?" and laughs at his name. Chance follows with, "I think my biggest competition is probably Kelly, but I'm-a still win, though."

Who are the Battle Advisors for season 23 of The Voice?

The Voice Battle Advisors have not yet announced for season 23.

Who will be the Mega Mentor for The Voice season 23?

The Voice eliminated the Mega Mentor in season 22, so it may be the same for season 23.

Who won The Voice season 22?

The season 22 winner was Bryce Leatherwood.

Blake told Bryce, “You’ve already made it man. I know my genre and I know the country music fans out there. You have a career out there.”

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Which coach has won The Voice the most times?

That would be the only original remaining coach Blake Shelton, who has nine wins during 22 seasons. Kelly Clarkson trails him with four wins. Voice coach Adam Levine is in third place with three wins. Coaches Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, Usher, Pharrell Williams, Alicia Keys and John Legend each have one win.

Which coaches on The Voice have never won?

CeeLo Green, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Hudson, Nick Jonas, Camila Cabella, Shakira and Ariana Grande have zero credits to their winner ranking.

How many years has The Voice been on?

The Voice has been on for 12 years. Season 1 premiered April 26, 2011.

How many seasons of The Voice?

The Voice premiered April 26, 2011. As of Spring 2023, The Voice will be in season 23.

How can I audition for The Voice in 2022?

The Voice is always casting. Visit the NBC The Voice official casting site to find out more about how to audition.

Where is The Voice filmed?

The Voice films at Universal Studios in Hollywood.

How to watch The Voice season 23

You can watch The Voice on NBC or stream the next day on Peacock.

How to stream The Voice season 23

You can stream The Voice the next day on Peacock.

Can you stream The Voice live on Peacock?

Unfortunately, not. Peacock offers next-day streaming of The Voice, but not live streaming.

What channel is The Voice on?

The Voice airs on NBC and streams the next day on Peacock.

What does The Voice season 23 winner get?

The winner of The Voice gets the title, $100,000 and a recording contract with Republic Records.

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