Here's What We Know About Squiggly Monster's Identity From 'The Masked Singer'

Here's What We Know About Squiggly Monster's Identity From 'The Masked Singer'

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The following story contains spoilers from the recent season of The Masked Singer.

  • The fourth season of The Masked Singer recently premiered, bringing sixteen masked performers to the stage.

  • Fans are already guessing the celebrities behind each costume, including the star behind a mysterious monster costume.

  • Squiggly Monster, a performer who gives particularly puzzling clues and hints, is an especially confusing contestant.

Need a good dose of mystery to distract you from the world? Well, this masked monster certainly provides enough questions to keep you guessing for days.

The fourth season of The Masked Singer recently premiered, finally providing us all with “something fun involving masks,” according to host Nick Cannon.

Sixteen masked performers are included in this season of the show, with the costumes—and performances—more extravagant than ever. And the costumed cast includes an eight-armed, seven-eyed mystery monster named, well, Squiggly Monster. But figuring out the identity of this performer is anything but simple.

Here’s everything we know so far about Squiggly Monster—and some guesses on the performer's true identity to spark your curiosity.

(This post will be updated throughout season 4 of The Masked Singer.)

What clues do we know about Squiggly Monster?

In Squiggly Monster’s intro package on a teaser episode of The Masked Singer, the performer behind the mask gave a first clue to their identity—and it's even stranger than their costume.

“It’s very fitting that I have so many appendages,” Squiggly Monster says in the package. “After all, I’m known for having a lot of hands to latch on to.” How incredibly mysterious and entirely unhelpful.

Squiggly Monster also says they love their costume because they get to be “lovable while also being a wild child,” which some fans believe could be a hint at the performer’s true identity.

In addition, the Monster says they are ready to “lash out at the competition” and they “hair” others to stop them, which some have taken to mean the competitor has ties to the beauty industry.

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Photo credit: Fox

Who is Squiggly Monster on The Masked Singer?

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A single name seems to be dominating fan guesses so far—and that name is Miley Cyrus. The singer is certainly is a noted “wild child,” but that’s about where the similarities end. Another name to come up is noted bad boy Johnny Depp. However, aside from being undeniably “wild,” the similarities are sparse.

The “latch on to” part of Squiggly Monster’s first clue had a few fans guessing the furry performer is actually Sam Smith, who sang the 2013 chart-topping song “Disclosure” with artist Latch. Otherwise, viewers are completely stumped by this mysterious monster.

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