Here's What You Need to Know About the Chipotle Quesadilla Hack

Chipotle's Philly cheesesteak-style quesadilla, which went viral on TikTok, is officially being added to menus nationwide this year.

TikTok's steak quesadilla "hack" has finally earned Chipotle's blessing.

The secret menu item, which consists of a steak quesadilla (an online exclusive) and loads of added toppings—including fajita-style sauteed veggies, extra cheese with sides of sour cream and vinaigrette for dipping–is said to replicate the flavors of a Philadelphia-style ("Philly") cheesesteak.

After multiple videos suggesting would-be diners order the special combo went viral, some eager Chipotle fans claimed their local restaurants would not allow for all of the customized requests. Even as of writing, certain options (like adding veggies) were not available when trying to build a quesadilla online.

"Tried doing this today. Wasn’t able to add the fajitas to the quesadilla with the steak, couldn’t edit it. Then no vinaigrette! :/," one TikTok user shared.

"How did you get it??? My chipotle was like no lmao," another disappointed user asked.

Self-proclaimed snack queen and social media sensation Jen Curley also had trouble securing the viral trend, sharing her experience online that included having to order a salad to get the missing parts for the quesadilla combo.

Following a fierce uproar by fans, the nationwide fast food joint announced it would amend the policies that prevent restaurants from customizing the dish due to prep time needed in the kitchen and to avoid overcrowding.

“We’re amazed by the passion of our fans and their ability to find unique ways to enjoy our hand-crafted quesadillas with Chipotle’s real ingredients,” reads a statement shared with Nexstar reporters. “Due to the preparation time required, quesadillas were designed to be digitally exclusive to best support our team members, avoid overcrowding on our front-line, and ensure guests have a seamless experience. Currently, our quesadilla offering does not include fajita veggies with a protein, however, we are looking forward to adding this combination in the future.”

And the "future" that Chipotle official was talking about doesn't seem too far off, as just last week, the company recruited two of TikTok's biggest foodie influencers to reveal its official release date–and it's sparking a whole new level of March madness

"Everybody relaxxxxx. It’s coming to the app in March," TikTok superstars Keith Lee and Alexis Frost wrote in the caption.

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Despite the good news that Chipotle will make the Philly cheesesteak quesadilla "hack" an available menu item at all its locations, some social media users seemed confused by all the hype.

"😂😂😂 it's a carnisada quesadilla. . . we can't have nothing 😂😂😂😂😂😂," one TikTok user quipped.

"Why is chipotle making this simple combo such a big deal? Literally a steak quesadilla has been on the menu forever," another wrote.