Here's Who Fans Are Hoping Makes a Cameo During Rihanna's Super Bowl Halftime Performance

People are hoping to see one person during Rihanna's show for a surprising reason.

People are excited for the 2023 Super Bowl for many reasons, but Rihanna's return to music after five years with the halftime show is a big one.

As fans speculate what the show will look like, one surprising name keeps coming up as someone they want to have a cameo: Tom Holland.

While most people know Holland as a talented young English actor who starred in hit films like Spider-Man: Homecoming, Avengers: EndgameUncharted, and more, there's one unique performance in his career that is the highlight for many fans—a standout presentation given on Lip Sync Battle.

A fan tuning in for Rihanna's performance brought up the possibility of Holland appearing, writing, "What if Rihanna brings out Tom Holland to recreate this moment during the Super Bowl halftime show, then what."

In the battle, which had him going up against Zendaya, Holland came out on stage in a suit and danced to "Singing in the Rain," before suddenly surprising everyone by appearing in a wig and a revealing outfit not far off from what Rihanna might wear, pulling off a perfect performance of the star's hit song "Umbrella."

The video quickly went viral and currently has over 29 million views. Many fans were surprised by both the performance's big twist and how talented of a dancer Holland is, not knowing that he actually got his start in the West End performing in Billy Elliot.

Obviously, many would love to see Holland perform it again alongside the original singer, with a lot of people on Twitter sharing their enthusiasm for the idea.

"Now THIS would be a show," wrote one supporter.

Another wrote, "i’ve been saying this all week. if it happens someone will need to check on me."

"Missed opportunity if she doesn’t," noted one person in the comments.

Even if Holland doesn't surprise fans on the Super Bowl stage this year, Rihanna is sure to put on an impressive halftime show performance, and we can't wait to see what she has up her sleeve!