Here's Exactly How Much Stuffing You Need for Your Thanksgiving Dinner

How Much Stuffing Do I Need?

Finally, the tastiest time of year is here! You've probably got your menu planned, but now it's down to shopping... and calculating just how much of everything you'll need. We did the calculations for your mashed potatoes, turkey and for your gravy, but now it's time to talk stuffing! Follow our simple guidelines to make sure there’s enough to go around, and plenty for leftovers.

How Much Stuffing Per Person

When you’re serving stuffing at your Thanksgiving dinner, you can figure each person will eat 3/4 cup of stuffing. Based on that estimate, you will need:

4 people – 3 cups
6 people – 4.5 cups
12 people – 9 cups
20 people – 15  cups

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If you’re planning on having leftovers (there's nothing like the day after Thanksgiving!), you’ll want to make 1.5 extra cups of stuffing for every 6 people you are serving. If you will be sending everyone home with a little something extra, you’ll need:

4 people – 3 cups
6 people – 6 cups
12 people – 12 cups
20 people – 19.5 cups

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Check how much gravy per person you need for Thanksgiving dinner here.

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