Here's Everything You Need to Know About the "Zombie" Twist on 'Big Brother 25'

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As Big Brother 25 hit the halfway point, the season hit another seminal moment: Its first double eviction. But as two houseguests walked out the door, it was not a long time before they walked back in, as part of the new "BB Zombie" twist.

Here's everything you need to know about the zombie twist on Big Brother 25, including who it affects, how long it lasts, and what it involves.

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What is the "BB Zombie" twist on Big Brother 25?

The "BB Zombie" twist was introduced during the double eviction episode on September 21. At the end of the hour, it was explained that the two evicted houseguests would re-enter the house for the next week. At the end of seven days, one would get the chance to "resurrect their game," while the other would be eliminated for good.

Who is involved in the "BB Zombie" twist on Big Brother 25?

Our "zombies" for the week are Cameron Hardin and Jared Fields. Both men were sent out during the double eviction, Cameron on Jared's HoH, and Jared soon after by the rest of the house sans his mom Cirie Fields. So, by next Thursday, one of them will have returned to the game.

How will the "BB Zombie" twist work on Big Brother 25?

At the time of publication, the actual format of the "BB Zombie" twist has not been formalized to the audience. However, from picking up what Cameron, Jared, and the houseguests have been told, it seems like it will involve a competition played by one of the "zombies" next Thursday. If that person wins, they re-enter the game. If they lose, the other person re-enters. Additionally, there seem to be some other competitions peppered throughout the week to determine who will be the one playing in that final challenge.

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How does the "BB Zombie" twist affect the upcoming episodes of Big Brother 25?

Greatly! This upcoming week will not have any of the conventions of a normal week of Big Brother. There will be no Head of Household, nominees, veto winner, or even eviction. Instead, the Sunday episode will feature Cameron and Jared's return to the house, and everyone's reactions. The typical Wednesday episode has been eliminated due to the return of Survivor and The Amazing Race. And the Thursday episode will feature at least some of these competitions Cameron and Jared will be taking part in, as well as the final one to determine who is re-entering the game.

Who will re-enter the game on Big Brother 25?

Check back in this section as more competitions play out over the week to figure out who stands the best chance of returning to the game.

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