Here's Everything We Know About Where Casey Anthony's Ex Tony Lazzaro is Now

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Where is Casey Anthony's Ex Tony Lazzaro Now?Pool - Getty Images

Two-year-old Caylee Anthony was reported missing in July 2008. Her mother, Casey Anthony, was later arrested and charged in connection to her disappearance and later on with her death when Caylee's remains were discovered in December 2008. Casey's entire life was examined when she stood trial. Her parents, friends, and even her boyfriend at the time were called to the stand to testify about their relationship with Casey, her experience as a mother, and what they knew about Caylee's disappearance. Eleven years after Casey was acquitted of murder but convicted of lying to police officials, she is preparing to open up about the entire encounter in the new three-part docuseries Where the Truth Lies, which airs on November 23. Casey's life and relationships have come into question in preparation for the forthcoming Peacock series, with many people wondering how Casey's mother and father are doing and what's going on with her ex-boyfriend Anthony "Tony" Lazzaro. Read ahead for everything we know about where Tony Lazzaro is now.

Who is Tony Lazzaro?

Tony Lazzaro was a key witness in Casey Anthony's trial because he began dating her weeks before Caylee's disappearance and subsequent murder. According to ABC News, he admitted that he and Casey met through Facebook when he was working as a college student and party promoter in 2008. Per ABC News, he would ditch school to spend time with Casey early on in their relationship.

He testified that they hit it off immediately and that he developed a relationship with Caylee as well. Lazzaro admitted that Casey never told him about her daughter's disappearance, and her personality hadn't changed at all while she was missing. Lazzaro also discussed an experience he shared watching Casey interact with her young child. According to Lazzaro, the trio was hanging out at the pool in his apartment building when he watched Casey discipline Caylee like "any mother would do" when she got too close to the pool.

Where is Tony Lazzaro now?

According to Riverhead News-Review, Tony moved back to Shoreham, New York, after graduating from Full Sail University in 2009. He has lived under the radar after testifying at Casey's trial in 2011. Tony's close friend Cameron Campana revealed that Tony was newly married and working in construction during a 2018 appearance on A&E's True Crime.

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