Here's Everything to Know About the Medical Maladies on 'Survivor 44'

The premiere saw a record number of visits from the medical team.

Both the Survivor promos and Jeff Probst warned us that season 44 would be its most dangerous yet. And the premiere showed they weren't kidding around. Already, we have a record number of medical visits, collapses in challenges, and the earliest medevac in the show's history.

Here's everything you need to know about all of the medical drama that has happened on Survivor 44 so far, including the dramatic removal of Bruce Perrault.

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How many medical visits happened on Survivor 44?

Survivor 44 had four visits from the medical team in its premiere. That's the record for most visits in a single episode!

What happened to Bruce on Survivor 44?

The very first injury of Survivor 44 happened during the opening minutes of the season, in the first obstacle of the first challenge. Bruce Perrault hit the mud, coming back up with his head gushing blood. Though he recovered enough to complete his part of the challenge, he eventually fell to his knees. That prompted Jeff to stop the challenge so medical can check on him.

As Bruce explained to, he had actually received a concussion upon that first dive into the mud. "I was going down into the mud. [My] shirt did not allow my arm to [reach up] for me to go down and actually was tight. My head wasn't able to go down, and bang, there you go."

Bruce made a quick recovering after lying down and getting in the shade, allowing the challenge to continue. He was even able to go off with his Tika tribe and start the Survivor game proper. But that night, his condition significantly worsened. He was taken down to the beach, where the medical staff determined he had to be removed from the game for further testing and to risk any further damage.

What injury did Bruce receive in Survivor 44?

Bruce confirmed in his interview with that he had received a concussion during that opening challenge. It was something he was acutely aware of, given his experience coaching football. The reason why he was later removed from the game was due to the risk of brain bleed, which could prove fatal. Testing had to be done immediately in a hospital to make sure that he did not suffer any significant lasting damage.

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Did Bruce from Survivor 44 recover from his injury?

Yes! Upon being confirmed there was no brain bleed, Bruce entered a concussion protocol, which involved wearing dark sunglasses and a big hat when going out at all times, as well as not going into the pool or the ocean. But after what he estimates was about three days, he was able to fully recover. Not only that, but he was feeling so well by the time he returned home he was well enough to go to not one, but two of his kids' tournaments! During his interview with, Bruce was happy to say there were no lingering after effects and is in great condition.

Will Bruce return to Survivor?

The great news is: Yes! Bruce lasted only 12 hours in the game before being pulled, a record for a castaway. So Jeff felt it was right to give him a second chance on a future season. He extended the official invitation on his podcast "On Fire with Jeff Probst," an offer that he happily accepted.

What injuries have occurred on Survivor 44?

Of course, there was Bruce's concussion from the opening challenge, as mentioned above. But the Survivor 44 premiere had a shocking number of other medical incidents as well.

As was heavily shown in promos, on Day 2, Matthew Grinstead-Mayle got injured while climbing a tall rock attempting to look for crabs. A rock slipped out of his grasp, sending the barbershop owner tumbling. He cut up a portion of his hand and foot, but most prominently, dislocated his shoulder. Luckily, he was able to pop it back in almost immediately. Upon being checked out by medical, he was cleared to stay in the game, but was encouraged to wear a sling and not take part in any heavy lifting.

During the Immunity Challenge on Day 3, Brandon Cottom began to lose energy during the final puzzle stage. It got to a certain point were he slumped over a crate on the side, nearly collapsing. For the second time in the episode, the challenge was stopped, and medical tended to him. It was determined that Brandon had gotten severely dehydrated due to the intensity of the challenge and the hot weather. He was pumped full of fluids and able to stay in the game, but he sat out the rest of the challenge to avoid a chance of heat stroke.

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