Episode Five of "The Last of Us" Will Air Two Days Early Because of The Super Bowl

<span class="caption">Here's When You Can Catch "The Last of Us" on HBO</span><span class="photo-credit">HBO</span>
Here's When You Can Catch "The Last of Us" on HBOHBO

*Spoilers for HBO's The Last of Us ahead!*

HBO's new series The Last of Us is a hit. Along with garnering a huge buzz on social media, the series, inspired by the hit PlayStation game, earned HBO the second-biggest debut in the last 13 years. According to Variety, the first episode of the series received 4.7 million U.S. viewers across the HBO channel and HBO Max streaming service.

Set in a post-apocalyptic society, The Last of Us follows Pedro Pascal's character Joel as he becomes a guardian for Bella Ramsey's character Ellie. The duo attempts to adjust to life and fights to survive 20 years after a series of fungal infections led to a horrific pandemic.

The series premiere opens with scientists discussing the likelihood of a fungus-based epidemic set across the world. Viewers soon jump to 2003 to introduce the main character Joel who encounters a life-changing tragedy on his 36th birthday. Episode two of The Last of Us opened up in 2003 Jakarta, providing viewers a glimpse into the pandemic's origins. Episode three of The Last of Us is the first time the show took a break from the story told within the game.

Joel and Ellie grow closer in episode four of the hit series. The latest episode begins with Ellie pointing the gun she took from Frank and Bill's house as Joel tries to gas up the truck he took from the couple's home in the last episode. They embark on a road trip where Ellie and Joel begin to grow close, due largely to Ellie's love of puns. They run into trouble after they are jumped by citizens who have recently been freed from military rule in Kansas City, Missouri. Joel shoots one of their attackers, upsetting the others. The shootout ultimately ends as Ellie shoots the person who attacked Joel. They discuss Ellie's experience with guns and she reveals that this wasn't the first time she'd shot someone.

Joel later grants Ellie's wish of having her own gun and even teaches her how to shoot it. As the duo seeks shelter on the top of the 45th floor in a very tall building, Joel opens up about his past and reveals that he previously ambushed travelers. Joel and Ellie make it to the 33rd floor before they decide to find a place to sleep for the night. While Joel attempted to set traps for people who could possibly sneak up on them while they slept, they woke up to discover a gun held to both of their heads.

Fans of the hit series will be able to check out episode five two days early courtesy of the Super Bowl. According to a press release from the network, the fifth episode will hit HBO Max and HBO On Demand starting Friday, February 10, at 9 pm in advance of its linear premiere on HBO during its normal time slot on Sunday, February 12 at 9 pm. New episodes will continue to air on Sundays at 9 pm leading up to the season finale on March 12.

<span class="photo-credit">Courtesy of HBO</span>
Courtesy of HBO

The massive success of the show's premiere episode has left viewers on pins and needles, anxiously anticipating new episodes. If you've tuned in to The Last of Us, and you're ready to find out when each episode is coming out, read ahead for a full schedule of HBO's The Last of Us.

How many episodes of The Last of Us are there?

The Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann-created series will run for nine episodes. HBO debuted the series' first episode on January 15, and viewers can expect a new episode every Sunday at 9:00 PM EST on HBO and HBO Max.

  • Episode 1 — "When You're Lost in the Darkness" — January 15

  • Episode 2 — "Infected" — January 22

  • Episode 3 — "Long Long Time" — January 29

  • Episode 4 — "Please Hold My Hand" — February 5

  • Episode 5 — February 12

  • Episode 6 — February 19

  • Episode 7 — February 26

  • Episode 8 — March 5

  • Episode 9 — March 12

When will the next episode of The Last of Us air?

Viewers can tune into the next episode of The Last of Us on January 22 at 9:00 PM EST.

Will there be a new season of The Last of Us?

Since the show just premiered its debut episode, there has not been any official word on whether or not The Last of Us will be coming back for season two. If the social media reaction and record-breaking viewing rates are any indication, The Last of Us will likely be renewed.

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