Here's Which Classic Christmas Movie Character You Are, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

This one is for my astrology girlies.

As the Christmas season approaches, classic movie marathons are on the horizon, if not already starting to disappear in the rearview mirror. 

As you binge your favorites, have you ever stopped to think about which character best embodies your own characteristics, and which carefully crafted plot you would best fit into?

Well, Zeal CBD took it upon themselves to figure it out!

The brand collated the most popular Christmas films and their characters using box office data, breaking them down to analyze their personality traits to find the best-fitting zodiac sign for each. 

Curious to see which character best represents you this season? Well, it seems only fair to start with the Sagitarrius—the sign of the season—so let's dive right in!

Sagittarius: Billy Mack, Love Actually

With fun and spontaneous people-lovers as the key descriptor for this sign, Billy's sense of humor in combination with his loyal persona make him a clear representation for Sags. 

Capricorn: Buddy's dad, Elf 

The ever-so responsible Capricorns may find themselves feeling a bit isolated as they focus on their work, but once you realize how important your family—and spending time with them—is, you'll be set. 

Aquarius: Kevin McCallister, Home Alone 

Considered one of the smartest zodiac signs, Aquarius fit perfectly as this character, played by Macaulay Culkin, saves himself by outwitting the burglars who are attempting to tear apart his home.  

Pisces: Arthur, Arthur Christmas

Sensitive and sympathetic, a Pisces would do absolutely everything in their power to get a forgotten present to a little girl before she awoke to find nothing under her tree on Christmas morning

Aries: Harry and Marv, Home Alone 

Look out, Aquarius! Your arch nemesis is here. Just kidding; Aries may be driven and courageous, but they probably won't break into your house just for the hell of it. They will, however, let nothing get in their way to achieve their goals, so perhaps you should lock your doors, just in case. 

Taurus: The Conductor, The Polar Express 

Reliable and persistent, Taurus will do everything in their power to set their schedule and stick to it. If something puts a dent in their plans, frustration is sure to follow. 

Gemini: Buddy the Elf, Elf

Kindness and curiosity scream one character and one character only: Buddy. Desperate to learn anything and everything and genuinely kind to all he comes across, he's the quintessential Gemini.

Cancer: Karen, Love Actually 

Protective and understanding—even when others aren't—Cancers will put on their best brave faces for their loved ones, which Karen nails when she happily joins her children after finding a Christmas present addressed to another woman in her bedroom. 

Leo: The Grinch, How the Grinch Stole Christmas 

Save the drama for your... garbage monster. Thriving in the spotlight, there's no better Leo than the disruptive Grinch, who craves the indignant responses from those whose holidays he ruins.  

Virgo: Luther Krank, Christmas with the Kranks

Practical and humble, Luther worked hard to skip the stress of Christmas by avoiding frivolities. But time spent with your loved ones isn't time meant to be brushed aside. Learning the reason for the season certainly left him feeling humbled. 

Libra: Jack Skellington, The Nightmare Before Christmas 

Jack may have started off with a touch of selfish tunnel vision, but, like peaceful Libras, he never meant to hurt anyone. He was able to rely on those with different perspectives in the end to help save the holiday. 

Scorpio: Scott Calvin, The Santa Clause

If there's one thing a Scorpio is, it's determined. Scott may have started off refusing to accept his identity, but by the time the credits rolled he wanted nothing more than to see himself succeed. 

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