Everything You Need to Know About Kaley Cuoco’s Ex-Husband Karl Cook

Photo credit: Todd Williamson - Getty Images
Photo credit: Todd Williamson - Getty Images

In case you weren’t aware, The Flight Attendant star Kaley Cuoco married hot equestrian billionaire heir Karl Cook back in 2018. We’re about to get into literally every single detail you need to know about Karl, but first, here are a few highlights from his and Kaley’s history together:

  • Kaley started dating Karl in 2016 following her divorce from tennis pro Ryan Sweeting.

  • Kaley and Karl got engaged in November 2017 and married on Karl’s ranch (which we’ll get to in a moment, because wowowowowow).

  • In September 2021, Kaley and Karl announced they were splitting after three years of marriage. Whomp.

  • In January 2022, The Blast reported that Karl and Kaley were “close” to settling the divorce.

  • In June 2022, People announced that their marriage was legally dissolved on the 15th.

Those last notes are especially sad/surprising for some fans, who were obsessed with the adorable couple. But if it’s any consolation, Kaley and Karl appear to still on very good terms. In a joint statement to People about the split, they explained they still have a “deep love and respect for one another” but “realized that our current paths have taken us in opposite directions.”

Kay, now that we’re all on the same page, we can move on to getting to know Karl better.

He’s a Billionaire Heir

Karl’s dad is billionaire businessman Scott D. Cook, who founded Intuit (owner of my BFF-in-April-only, TurboTax) and is a director at eBay and Procter & Gamble. Meanwhile, Karl currently has his own net worth of $100 million.

*cries in poor*

He’s an Equestrian

In exciting news for Horse Girls everywhere, Karl is a professional equestrian. And TBH, he makes pretty good money competing. E! News reports that Karl won the blue ribbon in the SmartPak Grand Prix, which earned him $25,500.

In other Important Steed News™, Karl appears to own his very own fancy horse ranch, and it's safe to say that these majestic stallions are living a better life than I am. Truly, WHO IS SHE:

Your favorite influencers could never:

Karl and Kaley Didn’t Live Together for Much of Their Marriage

In fact, the former couple lived apart for the first couple of years of marriage, with Kaley explaining to E! News, “We have a very unconventional marriage, you know. We have different locations that we’re at a lot. We’re not together every single day.”

In November 2019, Kaley explained the situation further on the Brad Behavior podcast, saying, “Yes, we have separate lives and then our lives come together and he’s so supportive of me. He lets me be me and I let him be him.…I’ve obviously never been in a better relationship and I want this to last the rest of my life, so in a way, we’re actually taking it slow.”

All that changed during lockdown in early 2020, when the couple finally moved in together. “This quarantine has actually forced us to move in together. It’s been great for our relationship,” Kaley told Jimmy Kimmel in the interview below. “And we like each other, we realized! Which is even better.”

Honestly, their vibes at home were impeccable:

He and Kaley (and Their Many Dogs) Lived on a $12 Million Estate

Clearly, they could both afford it. (Yep, Kaley’s net worth is also massive, JSYK.)

He Has a Bunch of Tiny Ponies

I learned this during a video tour of Karl’s stable, which I personally find to be VITAL viewing.

^IDK about you, but I feel richer just watching this.

He Dabbles in Woodworking

Karl told Phelps Sports (via Yahoo) that he’s into, “Making bowls, cups, tables, and many other things on a wood lathe. I call it ‘lazy turning.’ Instead of having to move a carving tool around and carve into wood, I just sit there and hold a tool under the wood as the machine turns the wood.” Erm, okay?!

Honestly, wood is as good a subject to end on as any. Have fun with your newfound Karl Cook knowledge, friends!

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