Heidi Montag was ‘heartbroken’ over her mom's reaction to her plastic surgery transformation: ‘I didn’t talk to her for 2 years’

Heidi Montag revealed she didn't speak to her mother for two years after she criticized her post-plastic surgery appearance on The Hills.

The reality star joined Alex Cooper on the Call Her Daddy podcast, where she got real about the aftermath of her undergoing 10 surgical procedures in one day in 2010. At the time, Montag was just 23, and a household name thanks to her time on MTV's Laguna Beach spin-off series The Hills.

However, while Montag enthusiastically went under the knife, and spoke about doing so on The Hills, her mother, Darlene Egelhoff, was not so receptive to Montag’s changed appearance. Through tears, Egelhoff told Montag, "I mean, how do I go and say that, of course, I thought you were more beautiful before?"

Speaking to Cooper on Call Her Daddy, Montag shared that the moment was particularly painful, in part because she had asked her mom not to film with her on The Hills if she couldn’t be supportive.

"I said to my mom before I filmed with her, 'Hey, I'm very vulnerable right now. I hardly can talk. I can barely move my jaw. I just had all these procedures. If you can't rile behind me and support me, don't film with me. I said it's not worth it. I'm telling you right now, I'm not going to be able to talk to you,'" she explained. "And I didn’t talk to her for two years after that, because I told her ahead of time, and she said 'I'm not going to be that way.'"

"I was heartbroken," she said. "I literally had never been so heartbroken in my entire life."

Montag also shared that while stars are more open (to a certain extent) about plastic surgery now than they were in 2010, she was hardly the only celebrity who had extensive work done.

“People from the beginning of Hollywood had been getting surgery," she said. "I literally probably got as many surgeries as A-list actors that day... And it was free. Do you think I would have gotten all that surgery if it wasn’t? Not really. That's expensive. It was probably like $200,000 or more... It was expensive, what I did. And then to do that, it did cost me a lot more. It cost me my career at the time, and it did cost me my mom and my family."

Montag, who now stars on The Hills: New Beginnings with her husband Spencer Pratt, shared in a 2019 interview with Cosmopolitan that her desire to have plastic surgery came after receiving criticism of her looks online.

"I was way too young to make such a life-changing decision," Montag told the magazine. "I was under so much pressure because it was the beginning of comment sections and negativity and hate on the internet."

She also offered advice to other people who want to fix their insecurities with surgery, telling the outlet, "If you’re having those kinds of thoughts and issues, it’s important to seek advice from those you love and professionals who want to help. Figure out why you feel that way and what’s behind it."

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