Heidi Klum, 48, strips down for steamy Las Vegas shoot

Supermodel Heidi Klum, 48, left little to the imagination after sharing an ab-baring photo of herself on Instagram Sunday with the caption "What happens in Vegas …….♥️."

In the series of photos, Klum rocked a lacy flesh-toned bra and black leggings complete with strategically placed hip cutouts and black patent leather heels.

The model has turned off her Instagram comments in efforts to fend off hate but the photo did receive over 140,000 likes.

Klum, 48, is a lifelong fan of showing skin, telling Ocean Drive magazine in 2018 that her family frequented nude beaches.

"I grew up in a very free environment with my parents… we'd go to nude beaches. We're very open-minded, but you can't say that about all Germans."

This look may be pretty daring in a normal context but this ensemble is child's play for Klum, a former Victoria's Secret Angel.

She's shown way more of her famed figure in the past and even posed nude for Rankin's 2018 photo book, Heidi Klum by Rankin. The photos were taken over a span of ten years and show the most intimate sides of Klum through the decade.

When asked how or why she felt so comfortable showing so much of herself, Klum said, "Why not?"

The queen of Halloween didn't let pregnancies or the narratives surrounding aging deter her from flaunting her body for the book; instead, she let the changes empower and enlighten her.

"We should be celebrating a woman's body; it doesn't matter what age they are," she told the Daily Mail while at Naomi Campbell's 2017 Fashion for Relief gala in Cannes.

While Klum has built a successful career off of her looks, she acknowledged that she wasn't always as confident as she is now and is more secure in her body compared to when she first hit the runway scene.

"I have posed naked before but I've just never showed it to everyone, I feel more confident now than when I was in my twenties…I think when I was younger I was more shy and I've grown into myself," she told the Daily Mail.

A quick scroll through her Instagram shows even more glimpses of her renowned physique, making it clear that Klum doesn't have time for shyness.

The Project Runway host has shared a host of photos showcasing her skin and just how comfortable she is in it.

If her latest Vegas shoot is anything to go by, Klum's skin-baring series is far from over.

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