Heartwarming video shows customer leaving employees $200 tip at local frozen custard stand

The employees at Bob Jo's Frozen Custard became emotional after an unknown customer left a $200 tip. (Credit: Fox News Detroit)
The employees at Bob Jo's Frozen Custard became emotional after an unknown customer left a $200 tip. (Photo: Fox News Detroit)

Bob Jo’s Frozen Custard, a staple in a Michigan town, ended its summer season on a sweet note after a customer unexpectedly left a $200 tip.

“We try to have good customer service as much as possible — I guess it finally paid off,” Delores Ricchiuti, the manager of the custard shop, tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

Countless customers have passed through the Wyandotte, Mich. shop since it opened in 1946. Some have even showed their appreciation by leaving extra money for its employees in the unassuming tip jar. According to The News Herald, for its summer-time employees — 16 girls between the ages of 15 and 21— it’s a chance to make some spending cash during their summer break from school.

Despite being a staple in the local community, in recent years, its loyal customers have left the tip jar with only a few stray bills.

“Every once in a while someone will put a $5 tip in or maybe a $10 — and that's remarkable," Ricchiuti says.

With the summer season coming to a close, business was especially hard to come by during this rainy week. But one customer — a man they had never seen before — would change that.

“The gentleman who left a tip noticed that the girls only had some change. After he got his shake, he asked how many girls were working that night and they said, ‘There are four of us back here,’” Ricchiuti says. “He pulled out his wallet pulled out four $50 bills and gave it to them.”

Camera footage from the store shows the heartwarming moment four employees in their signature cobalt blue T-shirts accepted four $50 dollar bills from the customer. The shock and emotion was clear on their faces.

“They were so ecstatic they couldn’t believe it. One of our employees, it brought tears to her eyes,” says Ricchiuti. “They are all so hardworking. They deserve it!”

Tony Ricchiuti, the owner of Bob Jo’s after taking over the store from his own father, told Fox News Detroit that his employees’ responses were “priceless.”

"As you can see on their faces it lit everybody up — me included when I watched the tape,” he added.

According to the local news outlet, none of Bob Jo’s employees recognized the man in a gray Oakley hoodie who left with two frozen custards. Although Tony Ricchiuti still doesn’t know the identity of the mysterious tipper, he said he will always be welcomed back to Bob Jo’s.

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