‘When I Hear an Incredible Voice, I Do Anything to Get Them on My Team,’ Camila Cabello Says

Camila Cabello is building a winning team this season.

For a first-time coach Camila Cabello is killing it this season on The Voice, initially beating out both Blake Shelton and John Legend for several four-chair turns. She’s putting together what could be the winning team this season.

“I loved being an advisor on John’s team last year and it was a great introduction to the show’s mentorship,” Camila told Parade.com in this exclusive interview. “It only made me want my own team even more! I am totally competitive! When I hear an incredible voice, I do anything to get them on my team.”

Even so, the thing that has surprised her most this season in picking her team is that "everyone on the show is just so talented, so picking who I want on my team and who I think I would be most helpful to as a coach has been really tough!" she shared.

So far, she says, John, who because of their previous advisor relationship, has given her the best coaching advice. Although these days, it seems to be the ladies—Camila and Gwen Stefani—who are the biggest support for each other, despite the fact that Gwen is married to Blake.

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With the Blind Auditions still underway, Camila has yet to start mentoring her team—at least on air, but she says her coaching style will be hands on, and also super collaborative with the members of her team.

Speaking of collaboration, Camila will team up with Charlie Puth to serve as her Battle Advisor for the season. She managed to land him by sending a text to his team. Charlie’s first appearance will be on Oct. 11 when the Battle Rounds begin.

“Charlie is just so talented that I knew I had to have him on my team,” she said. “He was so great to work with and my team was so excited to have him as an advisor.”

<p>Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC</p>

Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Camila, who herself was a contestant on a singing competition, The X Factor, is also calling upon that experience to help her with her team. On The X Factor, Camila didn’t pass her initial audition as a solo performer. Rather, she became a member of Fifth Harmony, which went on to become a hit girl group, before leaving for a successful solo career.

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As a result of that experience, she says, “I totally understand how important it is for everyone on my team to want to win so I definitely push for them and really help them develop their artistry as best they can.”

To date, Camila’s team consists of:

Morgan Miles
Orlando Mendez
Reina Ley
Andrew Igbokidi
Ava Lynn Thuresson
Sasha Hurtado
Sydney Kronmiller
Eric Who

None of these vocalists performed one of Camila’s songs for their Blind Audition, but unlike John who doesn’t turn very often for someone who sings one of his songs, Camila says, “I would love it! I’d love to see their take on one of my songs.”

That said, the coaches did get together for a performance of Camila's song "Havana."

The Voice airs Monday and Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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