HBO Just Announced It’s Canceling Even More Shows And Customers Are Furious

It’s official. Much to the dismay of fans, the hit HBO series Barry is ending after its fourth season, star Bill Hader confirmed to Variety on March 7th.

While the decision to end Barry seems to have been made by the creators themselves, HBO has been canceling shows prematurely left and right. The cancelation of hit comedy South Side, for example, was confirmed by a spokesperson to  Deadline on February 21. Fans are disappointed and reacting on Twitter.

In fact, South Side fans aren’t the only fan base to be irritated by HBO’s cancellations in recent months. Ever since HBO Max announced a merger with fellow media company Discovery+, they’ve been canceling our favorite shows left and right. And with the network raising its rates to from $14.99 to $15.99 this month, you can understand why subscribers are so mad.

From Love Life and Westworld to FBoy Island and Degrassi the Next Generation, it seems no genre or show is safe, no matter how loyal of a following it has. And now there are even more shows to add to the list of fatalities. We’ve rounded up a few of the most recent (and most devastating) HBO Cancelations below.


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1. Gossip Girl

OG Gossip Girl fans were so excited when they got wind of HBO Max's revival of this classic teen drama. However, the reboot has now been cancelled after just 2 seasons. Guess we'll never know what happens next for the rich New York high school students it followed—and many fans aren't happy about.

"HBO Max has canceled their best shows: Genera+ion, LEGENDARY, and now Gossip Girl! What’s the point of having HBO Max," one person tweeted.  It seems many are asking themselves the same question with all of these cancelations!

2. South Side

Once a Comedy Centralshow, South Side was picked up by HBO Max for Season 2 in 2021. But it seems HBO no longer wants to carry the torch on this co medy about two recent community college grads living in Chicago. They recently announced that the upcoming fourth season will be the series' last.

One Twitter user asked the question we're all thinking: "Why is it always the good shows that get cancelled?"

3. Titans

Titans was HBO Max's take on DC's Teen Titans series, and it's just one of many superhero shows that the company has now canceled. The show had a good run of 4 seasons but was canceled on January 25, much to the dismay of many DC fans.

"It's not a surprise that HBO Max canceled #Titans, but it's disappointing that it happened as the show was just starting to figure itself out," one mourning viewer tweeted.

4. Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol is the next DC series on the list of cancelations. This show chronicled the lives of disfigured superheroes, and it lasted 4 seasons, just like Titans—in fact, HBO announced it was canceling both of these shows on the same day. Tough blow for DC lovers! However, producers of the shows reportedly knew that the fourth seasons would be the last.

That doesn't make the cancelation any easier for viewers, though. "Doom Patrol being canceled will always be one of the biggest blunders in HBO Max history," reads one Tweet from a fan.

5. Pennyworth

Just days after Doom Patrol and Titans were cancelled, fans also had to say goodbye to another show based on the DC Universe: Pennyworth. This series, based on DC Comics about a former British SAS Soldier working for Bruce Wayne's father, is coming to an end after just 3 seasons.

Of course, HBO Max has faced a fair share of backlash for this cancelation, too. "It was a great series! We loved it! Boo on you!!!!!" a passionate fan tweeted.

We can only hope there aren't too many more cancelations on the horizon.

6. Barry

Creator Bill Hader confirmed with Variety that the season 4 finale of Barry will also be the series finale. It will air on April 16. Unlike many of the other shows on this list, which were canceled at the hands of HBO, Hader and his co-creator Alec Berg decided to end the show because "a very clear ending presented itself." Although fans are sad to see Barry come to an end, most respect the decision. "Sucks that it's the final season, but better to go out on a high note than keep making more seasons and have it fizzle out," one wrote in response to Variety's tweet about the matter.