Who’s Hawk From The Masked Singer? He’s Actually Known For a Different Animal IRL

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With a voice like his, there’s no doubt why viewers want to know who Hawk is from The Masked Singer Season 10 and the real celebrity under the costume. Well, if our guess is correct, Hawk on The Masked Singer Season 10 is actually known for a different animal in real life. Keep reading for our best guess to who Hawk on The Masked Singer could be revealed to be.

The Masked Singer—also abbreviated as TMS—is Fox’s reality TV singing competition series, in which celebrities compete against each other in performances while wearing head-to-toe costumes and face masks to conceal their identities. Throughout the season, a panel of judges guess the celebrities’ identities based on their voices and clues provided before and after each performance. Each week, the contestant with the least amount of votes from the studio audience is eliminated and takes off their masks to reveal their identities.

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The series, which premiered in 2019, is based on South Korea’s King of the Mask Singer, which follows a similar format. Since the premiere of The King of the Mask Singer in 2015, The Masked Singer has expanded to dozens of countries across the world including France, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Brazil.

“It was flypaper TV right from the get-go,” The Masked Singer executive producer Craig Plestis told The Hollywood Reporter in 2019 about why he wanted to produce the show in the United States. “I just knew right away this was a special show. It was unbelievable in its appeal — and the game play, spectacle, family-viewing…[and] it was this huge hit in Asia…. If we do the job here, it should work here.”

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Plestis also explained how he convinced Fox to greenlight The Masked Singer for a first season. “From the get-go, Fox asked how we were going to cast this. They were firm in saying, ‘We’re not going to do the show unless you get unbelievable talent for the show,’” he said. “It has to be recognizable names. When the masks come off, everyone has to recognize that face — or they have to have some huge credibility, either in sports, in entertainment, TV, film, music. Some people were easy to cast. They saw the potential of the show.”

He continued, “They loved the idea of being behind a mask and no one knowing who they were, and showing off the talent that no one knew that they even had. They got it right away. Some people said no. In the end, we got great names, and all of them are big in their field in one way or another. The stats that we have, between the Grammy winners [and other achievements], is really phenomenal. When we started putting together and looked at all the awards all these people have won, we realized we just don’t have one or two great people; we have 12 great people.”

But back to Hawk on The Masked Singer Season 10. So who is Hawk on The Masked Singer? Read on for who Hawk on The Masked Singer Season 10 could be revealed to be and the clues that support his identity. (For more The Masked Singer Season 10 spoilers, check out our list here.)

Who’s Hawk on The Masked Singer?

Tyler Posey, an actor best known for the TV series Teen Wolf, was revealed as Hawk on The Masked Singer Season 10 in Episode 5. Read on for the clues that support Tyler Posey as Hawk.

“As a young bird, I was always hanging out with adults and grew up pretty fast into the family business.” (Week 4)

  • Posey was nine years old when he starred in his first TV series, Doc, in 2001. His father, John Sanford Posey, is also an actor who has starred in TV series like How to Get Away With Murder, Seinfeld, Cheers, and Dallas.

He was a “total reject” until he heard a sound that changed his life “in the blink of an eye.” (Week 4)

  • Posey cited Blink-182’s 1999 album, Enema of the State, as one of the first albums he ever owned in an interview with Louder Sound in 2018. He also collaborated with Blink-182’s drummer Travis Barker on his song “Shut Up” in 2021. Posey has also covered several Blink-182 songs including “Aliens Exist.” He also has “Dick Lips” tattooed on him in honor of Blink-182’s song title.

Full moon (Week 4)

  • Posey starred as Scott McCall, a teenage werewolf, on the TV series Teen Wolf from 2011 to 2017.

“Greetings from New York” postcard (Week 4)

  • Posey starred with Jennifer Lopez in the 2002 movie Maid in Manhattan set in New York City.

Photo of Miley Cyrus. “Just like the great Elton John, I, too, have collaborated with Miley Cyrus and I loved every second of it.” (Week 4)

  • Posey worked with Miley Cyrus in the TV series Doc, which also starred Miley’s father, Billy Ray Cyrus, as the lead character, Dr. Clint “Doc” Cassidy. Posey was a series regular and played the character Raul Garcia. Cyrus appeared as a guest character in three episodes. Posey also revealed that he dated Miley when he was 9 and she was 7 in an interview with Entertainment Tonight in 2015. “We were so damn young,” he recalled, adding, “I would get excited when we would hold hands,” Posey said, revealing that the two were together for two years as “boyfriend and girlfriend.” He also revealed that he had his first kiss with Miley. “She was herself at seven years old. She knew who she was,” he said. “I never met anyone like that at my age.”

“Not too long ago, someone close to me lost her battle with cancer. She was my support system and my best friend.” (Week 5)

Mama Hawk that says “I will always love you, come see me.” (Week 5)

  • Posey’s mother, Cyndi Garcia, died after a four-year battle with breast cancer on December 12, 2014. She was 55 years old. “She was my best friend,” Posey told People in 2016. “She was the glue that held our family together.” Posey’s mother homeschooled him and served as his business manager when he was a child actor.

The word “teen” with slash marks going through it. (Week 5)

  • Posey is best known for playing Scott McCall on the MTV series Teen Wolf.

A stethoscope (Week 5)

  • Posey starred on PAX TV’s medical drama Doc from 2001 to 2004.

Who’s in The Masked Singer cast for Season 10?

Read on for a full list of costumes in The Masked Singer cast for Season 10.

  • Anteater

  • Candelabra

  • Cow

  • Cuddle Monster

  • Diver

  • Donut

  • Gazelle

  • Hawk

  • Hibiscus

  • Husky

  • Pickle

  • Royal Hen

  • S’More

  • Sea Monster

  • Tiki

  • Rubber Ducky

Who are The Masked Singer judges for Season 10?

The Masked Singer Season 10 judges are Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke, who have all judged on the series since Season 1.

The Masked Singer announced in a press release in September 2023 that Scherzinger was not returning to judge Season 11 and would be replaced by singer Rita Ora. Scherzinger’s exit came after she was cast as Norma Desmond in the West End’s revival of the musical Sunset Boulevard in London. In an interview With Entertainment Weekly in September 2023, Scherzinger confirmed that she would be open to returning to The Masked Singer and would like to be a judge on the series for as long as it runs. “Oh my gosh, I would love to, are you kidding me?” she said. “I love my [Masked Singer] family. And it’s such a great job. Are you kidding? I love it. Yes.”

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight in 2019, Scherzinger explained why she believed The Masked Singer was so successful. “What’s so special and enduring about the show is that it’s crazy and it’s a bit trippy, but then you have the softer side, where people come on and feel a sense of redemption and a feeling of transformation and growth through this process,” Scherzinger said. “I just love the fact that these contestants feel like the world has judged them [or] feel like the world places a lot of judgment on them, and they want to be able to share who they really are. Not by what they think they are but who they are in their heart.”

She continued, “When the show came out and I saw how much people were enjoying it and gravitating towards it, I was happy for everyone cause they were the brave ones, the first ones to do it and say, ‘I wanna be a part of this show. I wanna have the courage to share my side of my story.’ So, I hope the contestants are really proud and happy they were a part of the show.”

McCarthy also confirmed in an interview with Entertainment Tonight in 2023 that she’s open to judging on The Masked Singer for as many seasons as it runs. “I have 30 more seasons in me,” McCarthy said, adding that her job  “literally feels like a little bit of a dream.” She continued, “I’m hoping this is a show that can go on and on, like American Idol. [And] why not? There are a lot of celebrities that can sing and are hiding it.”

Thicke, for his part added, “It’s happened so fast. I can’t believe it, because it’s literally one of my favorite things to do in life, and that I’ve ever done in my career. Coming here with my friends and getting to watch these amazing performances and the craziness and the audience, it is so much fun.” He continued, “And now we have a bigger audience than we’ve ever had before. So it’s really a blessing on top of blessing.”

Who’s The Masked Singer host for Season 10?

The Masked Singer Season 10 host is Nick Cannon, who has hosted the series since Season 1. Before The Masked Singer, Cannon hosted America’s Got Talent from Seasons 4 to 11.

Cannon told Newsweek in 2018 about why he wanted to host The Masked Singer. “They take what happens on that set so seriously about not letting the word out because it’s a mystery show. They say, ‘It’s not a who done it, it’s a who sung it,’” he said. “You’re wondering who is behind these elaborate, ridiculous costumes. It’s the fun of the show. Obviously, a lot of these people have amazing voices. Some of these people have horrible voices. The idea [is] you’re trying to guess what celebrity that is. You’ve got a little bit of Dancing with the Stars. You’ve got a little bit of The Voice. You’ve got a little bit of Halloween. It’s truly probably one of the most fun shows I’ve ever been a part of.”

He also told Variety in 2020 about how he was hesitant to host another series after leaving America’s Got Talent. “I was really meticulous about what I would want to host again in the space of nonscripted variety since I had done it on the biggest level with AGT. I didn’t want to jump in and host another talent show,” Cannon said. “From the very first day I was on pins and needles hoping that no one falls off the stage in those costumes.” Cannon also confirmed that even he doesn’t know who the celebrities are under the costumes before they’re revealed. “All of the secrecy is so inconvenient. Everyone is kept so separate in their own little areas. I can’t see the talent. They arrive in secret locations,” he said. “It wouldn’t be as much fun if I knew who it was.”

The Masked Singer airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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