I Hated Wearing Bras Until I Found These TikTok-Loved Tops With a Functional Feature

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RIP to my bras for good.

<p>Instagram @klassynetwork</p>

Instagram @klassynetwork

Like many other people, I hate bras. Sure, they provide great support if you find the right size and style for you, but that’s not what I don’t like — I hate how obvious it is that you’re wearing one. If it’s not a lace bra showing a strange texture through your top, it’s the strap peeking out every two seconds around your shoulders. Basically, I want the support of a bra without looking like I’m wearing one — and thanks to these stylish, TikTok-loved tops, I can.

Klassy Network has completely changed my wardrobe with just one simple yet functional feature: Built-in padding. Brami (bra-meets-cami) shirts aren’t a new thing in the industry, but Klassy has managed to design stunning pieces with virtually undetectable padding.

Shop now: $48; klassyshop.com

The Klassy tops are made with an unbelievably soft and thick fabric, and the cups look and feel like normal bra padding (there are also slits inside the top to remove them if you want to). You can select a bandless shirt if you want no pressure against your body, or a compressive band if you want more support. To choose the right size, the brand recommends picking your usual size in tops since they all include generic padding. However, if you’re worried that the padding size won’t match your bust, you can buy separate pads in a different size that will still fit inside the top.

<p>Klassy Network</p>

Klassy Network

Shop now: $48; klassyshop.com

The best part is that there are so many different Klassy top styles to choose from, and most sizes go up to 3XL. If you prefer more full coverage, you can go for a full-length brami, or if you want to show off a bit of skin, its cropped bramis are equally supportive. I was worried that the padding would be obvious through the top, but after wearing one for an entire night out, it looked pretty seamless with every mirror selfie pic. I felt completely supported, almost like I was wearing a stylish sports bra instead of a regular shirt. There is also something so amazing about putting on a top and not having to adjust my bra or decide if I need to wear pasties with it or not.

Klassy shoppers also seem to agree with me. One shopper said, “I love that I can wear this and still have the support of a bra.” Another said that not having to wear a bra is the highlight, but the material is also so beautiful. “The workmanship is amazing because let’s be honest, it could have been terrible,” the reviewer continued. Overall, fans of Klassy Network seem to love the “variety of styles” to choose from, the “affordable cost,” and how “supportive” the tops are.

Shop the brami tops yourself, and you may also end up ditching your bras for good!

Shop now: $48; klassyshop.com

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