Harry Styles Ripped His Pants on Stage and Fixed His Outfit in the Most Iconic Way

Harry Styles' live shows are known for a lot of things. On top of putting on a great performance of his hits, Harry gives dating advice, catches chicken nuggets on stage, and helps queer fans come out to their families. His fan interactions are a big reason why his Love On Tour continues to sell out and break records (ICYMI, the Grammy winner played a whopping 15-show residency at New York City's iconic Madison Square Garden venue).

The latest thing to go down during his show in São Paolo, Brazil, on December 13, was a spectacle nobody saw coming — not even the Harry's House crooner. While giving it his all during a performance of the rock-influenced song, "Kiwi," Harry's sequined jumpsuit ripped near his legs when he kicked around the stage. He covered the ripped fabric with his hands and remained in good spirits as he skipped around until he was able to fix his wardrobe malfunction (in an iconic way, we might add).

Fans frequently throw Pride flags on stage during concerts so performers can wave them and support the LGBTQ+ community. Harry, however, tied the rainbow flag around his waist and used it as a skirt to cover up the tear in his pants. Guess he can say his queer fans really had his back with this one!

After the quick fix, Harry surprised fans by performing his 2019 track, "Fine Line," which historically hasn't been on his Love On Tour setlist. He closed off the show with the empowering number while wearing the pride skirt. So, next time you head to a Harry Styles show, there's a good chance you can expect the unexpected in more ways than one.

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