Harry Styles Helped Register Over 54,000 Voters for the 2022 Midterms

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Harry Helped Register 54,000+ Voters for MidtermsErnesto Ruscio - Getty Images

UPDATE 11/1/2022

In September, Harry Styles joined the “Good to Vote” initiative with HeadCount, a nonpartisan voter engagement organization, to stress the importance of voting and encourage young people to participate in the 2022 midterm elections (ahem, Election Day is November 8). To take part in the campaign, you either had to check your voter registration status or register to vote with HeadCount — by doing so, you were entered to win tickets and travel to the artist’s well-known Harryween concert in Los Angeles.

Now, the numbers are in, and Harry’s initiative has broken a number of records with HeadCount. In total, Harry helped register over 54,300 people to vote. According to the nonprofit, it’s their biggest music-driven campaign in their 18-year history. In one day — just 24 hours! — the campaign led more than 28,760 individuals to register. The “Music in a Sushi Restaurant” singer also drove more than 188,000 digital actions, which included both checking registration status and signing up to vote on HeadCount’s website.

It’s official — a civically engaged Harry is our favorite Harry.


Election Day is Tuesday, November 8, and if you are of eligible voting age, it is imperative that you exercise your most important civic duty. But in case you need a little motivation, Harry Styles has one exciting offer.

The “As It Was” singer has teamed up with HeadCount to encourage young people’s participation in this year’s midterm elections — and all you need to do is check your registration status and register to vote, if you haven’t done so already. By doing so, you and your bestie can win tickets to Harry’s iconic Harryween show in Los Angeles on October 31 (including flights and accommodations!). To enter the contest, visit headcount.org/HARRYSTYLES or text “HARRY” to 57568.

“Midterm elections do not receive the same attention as presidential cycles, and often see fewer voters at the polls — especially young voters,” Tappan Vickery, HeadCount’s Senior Director of Programming and Strategy, said. “Working with cultural leaders, like the incredible Harry Styles, is one of the most effective ways to increase awareness and participation in the 2022 midterm election. We are grateful to Harry and his team for their support and working with us to empower voters to use their voice this fall.”

Despite his British citizenship, Harry has long been vocal about some of the biggest issues facing the United States. He called for “backlash and uproar” after the Supreme Court first called for the overturn of Roe v. Wade in May, and partnered with Everytown for Gun Safety for the North American leg of his Love On Tour. In 2020, he endorsed Joe Biden for President.

“If I could vote in America, I’d vote with kindness,” he wrote on Twitter at the time.

Again, make sure to make your voice heard and vote (!!) in the midterms. You can check your registration status and register to vote on HeadCount here.

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