Harry Styles Helped a Fan Come Out to Her Mom During a Sold-Out Show in Wisconsin

Photo credit: Jeff Kravitz - Getty Images
Photo credit: Jeff Kravitz - Getty Images
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If you have a plan that requires a lot of flair, it might be worth recruiting Harry Styles.

On Wednesday, a fan did just that during Styles's sold-out Love on Tour show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Multiple videos captured McKinley McConnell holding a sign in the front row that read, "My mom is in section 201. Help me come out."

Taking note of the request, Styles ambled down the stage toward McConnell and asked, "What would you like to tell your mother?" before reaching the mic out.

"Oh, that's a microphone," McConnell said nervously.

"Shall I tell her?" Styles replied. "I can do it if you like, if you prefer I do it."

McConnell said back, "Okay, there's a lot of people."

"There is a lot of people," the "Watermelon Sugar" singer affirmed. "Did you not know?" he jokingly added. "Did you think this through?"

After getting one last approval from McConnell, Styles rushed to the other end of the stage, closer to section 201, where he—at last—shouted, "Lisa, she's gay!"

On Twitter, McConnell thanked Styles for his help. "A moment that will actually be with me forever. thank you for creating a safe place for me," she wrote. "Thank you for letting me grow along side you as a fan. thank you for helping me know who I am. thank you."

McConnell later told NBC News that she and her mom flew in from California to catch the show last minute. "I was lucky to get a ticket for the general admission pit for myself," she said, explaining why they were sitting so far apart. "I know my mom, and she wouldn't have been up for the pit."

McConnell's mom was also supportive after the stunt. "She told me, 'You always had a flair for dramatics,'" McConnell said. "I'm really beyond blessed that both my parents are so supportive. And I think they probably always suspected, even though you try to act like they don't. She just kept saying she loves me and is proud of me."

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