Harry Styles debuts a brand new hairstyle

Noted heartthrob Harry Styles has cycled through quite a few hairstyles over the past decade, and presumably, it’s not just so we can make that horrible pun every time he does.This is the first time he’s majorly switched up his facial hair, though.While in Modena, Italy, in July, the singer paid a visit to Villa Manodori, an olive oil purveyor.The brand’s account shared a photo on Instagram of Styles holding up a bottle of balsamic vinegar and sporting a brand new mustache.Some people were thrilled with the new look. “Can u believe harry styles just invented the mustache,” one fan wrote.Others weren’t fans.“Omg Harry shave that off!!!” one user said. “So I’m not sure how I’m feeling about the mustache,” another wrote.Styles revealed on the BBC radio show 1Xtra Residency in March that he was spending quarantine learning Italian.Harry, we think the whole new look is molto bello

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