Harry Jowsey on life after ‘Too Hot to Handle,’ TikTok fame and his 5-year plan

Harry Jowsey
Harry Jowsey

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It’s been three years since Harry Jowsey became the breakout star of Season 1 of Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle, and he’s now at an inflection point in his career.

The Australian heartthrob proved that he is one of the rare reality stars who was able to sustain fame despite the hype around his season diminishing with time: Jowsey’s been unavoidable on TikTok in the years since his time on Netflix, he’s constantly making headlines for his relationships and latest endeavors, and he’s friends with some of the most high-profile creators on the internet.

But now Jowsey has his sights set on taking his career in a new direction: acting.

For the latest episode of In The Know by Yahoo’s pop culture interview series, We Should Talk, the former reality star opened up about navigating fame in the three years since his breakout, what it was like getting famous during a global pandemic, wanting to rebrand his public image, learning by “trial and error” how open to be about his relationships and the aspirations he has for his acting career.

Watch In The Know’s full interview with Harry Jowsey below:

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