Haribo Released a ‘Passport Mix’ for Its 100th Anniversary That Includes Gummies From All Over the World

Alexis Morillo
Photo credit: Instagram/candyfunhouse
Photo credit: Instagram/candyfunhouse

From Good Housekeeping

When you're not in the mood for the richness of chocolate and don't feel like committing to a piece of gum, gummy candies are the easiest and tastiest solution. Haribo is the brand that makes all of your favorite classic gummy candies, and to celebrate 100 years they've come out with a Passport Mix with candies from all over the world.

As an ode to all that they've been doing in those 100 years, a special bag of Passport Mix is now available. In these bags, gummies from all over the world are mixed together, so you can eat your favorites and some you may have never tried (or even seen!) before.

A photo of the Passport Mix was posted by @candyfunhouse on Instagram. "Each bag of Haribo Passport Mix allows candy lovers to take a trip around the world by sampling different gummy candies made by Haribo at their factories around the world," the caption read.

From the photos, it looks like the Passport Mix will include cherries, airplanes, alligators, bears, and Cola gummies, among others. Since this mix is limited-edition, it will probably be a bit more rare and harder to find in stores, so if you happen to see it, definitely pick it up.

One commenter said that they found a bag at their local 7-Eleven, and Candy Funhouse does have an online store that you can purchase from if you're really trying to get this rare gummy mix.

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