Happy National Napping Day! The Beauty Benefits of Napping


Napping isn’t lazy, it has incredible beauty benefits. (Courtesy of Everett Collection)

There’s a noticeable difference in your appearance after waking up from a restful night’s sleep, but do those beauty benefits carry over if you’re only able to get in a quick power nap? Since today is National Napping Day (your new favorite holiday, obviously), let’s explore if the benefits of beauty sleep apply to power naps as well. Yahoo Beauty spoke with director Aisling O’Shea of YeloSpa (a spa that offers a power nap treatment as one of its best services) regarding her knowledge of the aesthetic benefits of napping.

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Similar to a full night’s sleep, napping can improve your skin’s texture and overall appearance in as little as 20 minutes. “A daily nap for just 20 minutes will regenerate skin cells, helping skin look clear and even,” says Aisling. “Sleep helps rejuvenate your skin by producing growth hormones which renew old cells,” she continues. Skimping on well-deserved shuteye will not only make skin look dull, but can also speed up the aging process, making crow’s feet, fine lines, and wrinkles much more visible.

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Another beauty perk? A quick nap allows extra rest for your eyes, keeping them looking bright and clear. According to Aisling, a lack of sleep will result in puffy eyes and dark circles, so any extra sleep helps to keep them from appearing dull, red, or watery during the day.

The benefits don’t end there. According to the Wall Street Journal, a 10- to 20-minute power nap can help boost alertness and energy. (Who doesn’t need more of that?) And it turns out that there are better times of the day to nap. Research says that not only is midafternoon the most natural time of day to nap, but napping then also reaps more benefits. In many cultures — like Spain, Greece, and Italy — a midday nap is part of life.

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Since some of us may experience difficulty falling asleep for a daytime power nap, we recommend peaceful music or soothing scents to help you doze off. Spritz your pillow with a spray like the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray ($29) to create a relaxing aroma that will help you drift off more easily.

Can you think of a better day to test-drive a “beauty nap” than the Monday after daylight saving? Not only will you recover faster from the lost hour of slumber, but you’ll also get a little beauty boost in the process!

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