The 12 Products You Need to Refresh Your Look in Warm Weather

When gloriously warming spring temperatures hit, and the days get longer, we all hear the siren song beckoning us to socialize outdoors after work.

Alfresco aperitifs and oysters with girlfriends, cold beer on the neighbor’s deck, snacking on small plates and sangria with a date, happy hour with co-workers on a patio … these are a few of our favorite warm-weather things. But after a long day in an air-conditioned office or on our feet dealing with customers, most of us want to freshen up before going out. But which products should you bring to work ? and which ones should you skip?

We’ve pulled together our favorite warm-weather classics, as well as some new products we think you should know about before heading to the park with a postwork Frappuccino. Click through for our sunny-afternoon favorites.

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