What Happened to Lorraine Garcia From Netflix's "Missing: Dead Or Alive" True Crime Series?

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Who's Lorraine Garcia From Missing: Dead Or Alive?Netflix

*Minor spoilers for Netflix's Missing: Dead or Alive? ahead*

Thousands upon thousands of people go missing every year, and according to the U.S.'s National Crime Information Center (NCIC), there are, as of December 31, 2022, nearly 100,000 active missing person records. Lorraine Garcia used to be one of them.

Featured on Netflix's newest true crime series, Missing: Dead or Alive, which presents actual missing persons cases, 61-year-old mother and grandmother Lorraine was initially reported missing in 2021 by her ex-daughter-in-law, Lamanda Kandice Moore. Police officers in South Carolina — where the Murdaugh Murders also took place, coincidentally — investigated Lorraine's disappearance, eventually setting their sights on her son, Anthony Garcia, as a person of interest.

Besides his cavalier attitude towards his mother's disappearance, Anthony raised serious eyebrows with police when he was caught throwing out his mother's belongings and illegally trying to sell her house.

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Anthony GarciaNetflix

Throughout the first episode of the series, investigators were afraid something truly awful had happened to Lorraine. But at the end of episode one, they found a recording in the bank files of Lorraine trying to access her financial account and having identification issues. Per the docuseries, the recording "was made a couple weeks after [Lorraine] disappeared."

In episode 2, the police assigned to her case shared how that one message "gave [them] some hope [Lorraine] is still with [them]."

As it turns out, Lorraine was, thankfully, found alive and well by Missing Persons Investigator Vicki Rains. However, Lorraine was not interested in sharing her location. "I've been trying to start over, just so I can have peace of mind in my mind and my heart," she said, adding, "and I don't want to go back."

Lorraine confirmed she was living where she wanted to at the moment, explaining she has "to start taking care of [herself]." She then told Vicki how Anthony "did things to [her] he's never done," and how she "doesn't deserve that." Lorraine wondered what happened to Anthony to make him go from a "laid-back" guy to the person he is now. She noted the change happened when he returned from the military.

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Investigator Vicki RainsNetflix

It's not clear what "things" Lorraine is referring to, but we learned on the first episode that Anthony is a war veteran who was diagnosed with PTSD. Before Lorraine was reported missing, she had allegedly told her neighbor, Clara, that Anthony locked her in her bedroom and stole her phone and bank card. According to Clara, Lorraine also claimed Anthony had threatened her right before she vanished:

"The day she disappeared, she was telling me that he had taken her to a lawyer's office. He told her that she was going to sell the house. And she told him she didn't want to sell the house. And she said Tony [Anthony] grabbed her arm and told her, 'Mama, do you realize how easy it'd be to push you down these steps and kill you? You will do what I tell you to do.'"

Later, Vicki called her team and told them the good news, explaining that Lorraine said she was not going back home. In the docuseries, Lorraine admitted she hopped on a bus and rode it as far as possible. She isn't pressing charges against her son because she still loves him, despite everything that's happened.

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