'Hangry' Chloe Kim loves churros, ice cream, and Cheetos

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Gold medalist snowboarder Chloe Kim. (Photo: Getty Images)
Gold medalist snowboarder Chloe Kim. (Photo: Getty Images)

Chloe Kim nabbing Olympics gold for the U.S. in snowboarding halfpipe on Monday had viewers stoked for various reasons — her stellar skills (especially the signature back-to-back 1080s of her last run), her infectious excitement, and the deep meaning of competing in the home country of her extended family, many of whom had never seen her snowboard in competition.

And then there was the amazing fact of Kim, 17, being a teenager who is still in high school and the context of her flawless performance following a tweet, from earlier that morning, that’s a reminder of her casual youth:

The “hangry” quote, liked more than 79,000 times on Twitter, has been endearingly repeated around the world by now. But it’s even more refreshing when you consider that this and many of Kim’s other tweets from throughout the past year concern food — and not in the way we’ve come to expect from teenage girls. Kim is neither obsessive nor punishing about her eating habits; she’s celebratory.

Take this, for example, from Sunday:

Or this, from Saturday:

Kim schooled folks on her “training diet” with this visual in December:

And, a couple days before that, this humble brag about heading to the Kylie Jenner and Adam Rippon fave In-N-Out:

Going back to last spring, before she shifted into topics including the dreaded SATs and musing about how to dye her hair, she shared some Chipotle excitement:

The trend goes far back with Kim too, including this particularly amazing news flash about what is apparently a favorite snack:

Her fans had plenty of fun replies to her junk-food obsession this week, including “OMG you’re so relaxed that you’re stressing me out.” “You’re literally about to win a gold medal and this is what you’re thinking?” and “We’re still on pins and needles about the ice cream situation … did someone get a scoop for you?” (Which prompted Oreo Cookie to chime in with a little self-promotion, natch, tweeting “Heard you were hangry. That gold-medal run deserves this OREO ice cream treat.)

One fan astutely pointed this out:

So while churros, Cheetos, and ice cream may not be the healthiest form of eating for an athlete (or anyone), Kim’s healthy attitude about it all — especially when you consider that 20 million women in America will have an eating disorder at some point in their lives (and that the rate is highest among adolescent girls) — feels like reason for celebration. Along with that medal, of course.

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