Are My Hangovers Getting Worse With Age—Or Is It Just Me?

Courtney Campbell
·1 min read

It started as an innocent Bachelor Monday. Some cheese, a couple of glasses of red wine and Matt James’ dumpster fire of a season. I went to bed a little tipsy—nothing obscene!—but I woke up with a raging hangover that left me struggling as I worked from bed the next day. There I was, embarrassed at my inability to rally the way I could a few years back. Did I really drink that much? Or do hangovers just get worse with age?

In college, I was able to throw back several shots of New Amsterdam peach vodka and still feel fine enough to head to a darty (daytime party, duh) the next morning. Now, I’m plagued with a dreadful 48-hour hangover at the ripe age of 25. If...

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