'Halo' Co-creator Is "Confused" With Paramount+'s Plot Changes to the Show

Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto has some words regarding Paramount+'s TV adaptation of his video game.

Earlier last week, Lehto took to Twitter to reveal his thoughts on the Halo TV show, commenting on how Paramount+'s plot has strayed far away from the original storyline of his characters. Between the years 1997 to 2012, Lehto worked at Halo's original franchise developer Bungie and was involved in the growth from the game as both its creative director and 3D artist. In a response to a fan comment who expressed their dislike for the new TV show adaptation, Lehto responded that he too was disappointed in the show, "I'm not sure where the inspiration for the show comes from now." He even went as far as saying that the show was "not the Halo I made."

In a follow-up Tweet, a fan claims that Lehto hates the new show, which the creator clarified he does not, "I didn't say I hate the show. Some parts are interesting. Just confused by many of the choices that were made which feel pretty far outside the core fiction I helped create." He also added in a separate Tweet, "I actually like some of the battle scenes. Cool action and some great VFX. In particular, the plasma hit effects in episode one are spot on." He doubles down on how the show is not what he expected, claiming it is much different than the Halo he created.

Halo on Paramount+ recently wrapped up the first season with second season given the green light before it aired in March of this year.

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