Halloween Won't Be Sour With These Olivia Rodrigo-Inspired Costumes

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Halloween will creep up before you know it, and if you haven't already scored the perfect costume for the occasion, now is the time. From makeup inspo, party playlists and even finding a legendary caption for your Insta pics, Halloween is the one day where being extra pays off.

As I (and the rest of the world) have been streaming Sour for months now, I couldn't help but realize that Olivia Rodrigo has been rocking the cutest looks on her Instagram lately. If there's anything Olivia fans — a.k.a Livies — love more than her music, it's her punk-meets-Y2K fashion sense. Ahead, I've rounded up 10 of Olivia's best looks that'll make the perfect Halloween costume.

Sour Stickers

Olivia's cover art for her debut album, Sour, is cute and distinct enough to turn into a costume. If your cheeks are filled with stickers straight from your childhood, people will definitely pick up that you're dressed as Olivia.

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Pink Tartan Look at The White House

This outfit is too iconic to pass up. While Liv's White House number is actually vintage Chanel, there are a ton of affordable dupes out there to help you nail her pink tartan vibe.

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Metallic Blue Sour Prom Mini Dress

Other than prom, Halloween is the prime time to be extra. Pull out a metallic mini dress, because we're heading to Sour Prom... again.

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Blazing Black Gloves From "Good 4 U"

Tap into Olivia's iconic outfit from the "Good 4 U" music video. All you'll need is black latex gloves, a plaid skirt, and cropped corset (post-breakup angst not included).

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Emerald Green Dress From "Deja Vu"

You'll give people deja vu when you pull up in this emerald green party dress.

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Pink Off The Shoulder Dress

Olivia is the *master* of pulling looks that are equally girly and edgy. Accessorize this pink off-the-shoulder dress with chunky silver jewelry for a perfect mix.

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Neon Prom Vibes at the Brit Awards

Brighten up any party with a fit inspired by Olivia's neon number at the Brits.

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Y2K Butterfly Crop Top

If you're anything like me, you've been dreaming of this halter top since Olivia posted it. Halloween is just another excuse to make your dreams come true.

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Crying Prom Queen

If you want to give Olivia meets Carrie vibes, opt for the classic crying prom queen. Don't forget your flower bouquet!

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Red Plaid Mini Dress and Buckle-Up Boots

Fans instantly fell in love with this Y2K-inspired emo look, and with good reason. Seriously — I need these boots in my life.

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