Hallmark Hunks! 11 Leading Men Who Bring Our Favorite Love Stories to Life

Who can resist the allure of a Hallmark movie? The happy endings? The year-round holiday cheer? And most importantly, the dashing male leads that bring our favorite love stories to life. These 11 Hallmark male actors have it all — acting chops, good looks and small-town charm you can only find on the fictional streets of your favorite Hallmark film. See if your favorite Hallmark hunk makes the list!

1. Ryan Paevey

Ryan Paevey, 'Two Tickets to Paradise', 2022
Ryan Paevey, Two Tickets to Paradise, 2022©2022 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Michael Larsen

Paevey got his acting start in various music videos, but his first major television role came in the soap opera sphere with a stint on General Hospital as Nathan West. It wasn't until 2016 that Ryan Paevey made his Hallmark debut alongside Cindy Busby in Unleashing Mr. Darcy.

Since then, he's made his mark as one of the most beloved Hallmark male actors, starring in fan-favorite films such as Harvest Love, Marrying Mr. Darcy (the follow-up to Unleashing Mr. Darcy), Hope at Christmas, Friend to Fiancé, A Summer Romance, Christmas as the Plaza, A Fabled Holiday, Two Tickets to Paradise and many more.

His leading-man looks and overall charm have cemented his status as a certified Hallmark hottie!

2. Kevin McGarry

Kevin McGarry, When Calls the Heart, 2019
Kevin McGarry, When Calls the Heart, 2019©2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Sven Boecker

Kevin McGarry plays the role of Nathan Grant on the wildly popular Hallmark series When Calls the Heart (Read about seasons 1-10 here!). However, there's a chance you've seen him in some of his other works, including Heartland, where he played the role of Mitch Cuddy, and Hallmark films such as Winter Love Story, Winter Castle, and My Grown-Up Christmas List. You may have even caught him in an episode of the extremely popular series Schitt's Creek!

In an interview with MediaVillage, when jokingly asked about his Hallmark Channel takeover, he said: "Yeah, my plan is almost complete," he laughed. "I have one more [movie] that has something to do with butterflies, and now all I need is an Easter movie. Once I do one with bunnies, then I think they'll actually just give me the network!" Handsome, talented, and funny? What more could you need?

Fun fact: McGarry is actually in a relationship with his When Calls the Heart co-star Kayla Wallace, who plays the role of Fiona Miller.

3. Tyler Hynes

Tyler Hynes, 'A Picture of Her', 2023
Tyler Hynes, A Picture of Her, 2023©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Geoff Neufeldt

Tyler Hynes got his start on the Hallmark Channel back in 2018, when he starred in Falling for You. Since then, some of his Hallmark titles include Flip That Romance, My Boyfriend's Back: Wedding on March 5, The Mistletoe Secret, Winter in Vail and, most recently, A Picture of Her.

In a conversation with UsWeekly, Hynes said, "Everybody is absolutely lovely. I think it’s as close as you can come to feeling like a family that is supportive,” in reference to the network. “And that just sort of bookends what is an absolutely enormous pleasure, which is the people who watch these movies. I can’t tell you enough about the human beings who watch these movies and how kind, lovely, wholesome and earnest and authentic they are.”

4. Cameron Mathison

Cameron Mathison, 'The Christmas Club', 2019
Cameron Mathison, The Christmas Club, 2019©2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Sven Boecker

Cameron Mathison is a man of many talents — and he certainly cannot be put in a box. The Canadian-American actor is widely recognize for his role as Ryan Lavery on All My Children, but Hallmark fans know him from the Murder, She Baked film series, At Home in Mitford, Very, Very, Valentine and Love, of Course, to name a few.

When he isn't playing a part, he's showing off that beloved personality of his as TV host and correspondent across various programs and outlets including Entertainment Tonight and Hallmark's Home & Family.

5. Kavan Smith

Kavan Smith, 'Big Sky River: The Bridal Path', 2023 Hallmark male actors
Kavan Smith, Big Sky River: The Bridal Path, 2023©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Allister Foster

Fans of When Calls the Heart will recognize Kavan Smith in his role of beloved Leland Coulter, but the handsome actor has had a wide-ranging career outside of the Hallmark universe. Roles in various shows including Smallville, Supernatural, Battlestar Galactica and The Outer Limits preceded his current work with the network. His other Hallmark works, however, include Big Sky River, Big Sky River: The Bridal Path, and Love on the Menu.

6. Colin Lawrence

Colin Lawrence, 'Napa Ever After', 2023
Colin Lawrence, Napa Ever After, 2023©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Craig Minielly

Who can resist a smile like Colin Lawrence's? The English-Canadian actor has been making a name for himself over the last few years with recurring roles in television series like The Killing, iZombie, Impastor and Riverdale. He currently plays the role of Preacher on Netflix's hit series, Virgin River. Although a more recent addition to the Hallmark scene, fans may have caught his handsome face in Morning Show Mysteries: Murder Ever After. And on Saturday, August 26, tune in at 8/7c to the Hallmark channel to see him star in Napa Ever After.

7. Chris McNally

Chris McNally, 'When Calls the Heart', 2022 Hallmark male actors
Chris McNally, When Calls the Heart, 2022©2022 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: David Dolsen

Chris McNally is a hit among this group of Hallmark male actors. Another member of the When Calls the Heart crew, Chris plays Lucas Bouchard, but has also shown his stuff in other Hallmark works such as A Winter Princess, The Sweetest Heart, Rocky Mountain Christmas and Hearts of Christmas.

On his involvement with When Calls the Heart, McNally told HOLR Magazine, "When stepping into a series with an already established fanbase, you really want to do well by them. Making sure that I did a good enough job for them was incredibly important to me, as well as a bit intimidating." He went on to say, "I feel like the Hearties are one of the most dedicated fan groups out there. They truly care about the show. It’s fantastic because without them, the show wouldn’t be going this far."

8. Andrew Walker

Andrew Walker, 'Three Wise Men and a Baby', 2022 Hallmark male actors
Andrew Walker, Three Wise Men and a Baby, 2022©2022 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Lindsay Siu

Andrew Walker may as well be Hallmark royalty, as the actor has appeared in more than 20 Hallmark films. Can you say dedicated? One of his most popular titles is Three Wise Men and a Baby, the 2022 holiday comedy that followed three brothers as they navigated caring for a baby that ends up in their care.

Walker brings something a bit different to the table, as he's more than just an actor — he's also an entrepreneur. That's right — he and his wife Cassandra are the co-owners of a juice company called Little West.

9. Brennan Elliott

Brennan Elliott, 'The Perfect Pairing', 2021 Hallmark male actors
Brennan Elliott, The Perfect Pairing, 2021©2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Christopher Katsarov Luna

Brennan Elliott made his television debut as Dr. Nick Biancavilla in the series Strong Medicine. Since then, he's been a fixture as one of the Hallmark male actors, and his appearance in the Cedar Cove series cemented that. His other Hallmark works include A Christmas Melody, Love You Like Christmas, The Perfect Pairing and many more.

10. Niall Matter

Niall Matter, 'Family History Mysteries: Buried Past', 2022, Hallmark male actors
Niall Matter, Family History Mysteries: Buried Past, 2022©2022 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Albert Camicioli

It was a traumatic accident on the oil rig he was working on that led Niall Matter to seriously pursue acting. Nearly crushed in the cab of the rig, it took him six months to re-learn how to walk. When he finally recovered, returned to work and witnessed another traumatic accident, he decided his time at the rig was done and pursued acting.

Some of the roles that followed his accident were in The Best Years, Stargate Atlanis, and Eureka. He starred alongside Candace Cameron Bure in the Aroura Teagarden Mysteries series.

11. Jack Wagner

Jack Wagner, 'When Calls the Heart', 2020 Hallmark male actors
Jack Wagner, When Calls the Heart, 2020©2020 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: David Dolsen

Jack Wagner also falls into the category of Hallmark male actors with an extensive resume. Not only is he known for his work on the screen, but he's also an accomplished musician and golfer. His most significant TV roles consist of Santa Barbara, Melrose Place, General Hospital, The Bold and the Beautiful, and on Hallmark, When Calls the Heart as investigator Bill Avery. Fun fact: Wagner appeared in over 1,300 episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful!

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