Halle Berry Posted a Stunning Bikini Photo of Herself Lounging on the Beach

Photo credit: Instagarm - Getty Images

Bikini season has begun, and Halle Berry is leading the pack with great beach content. The 54-year-old actress shared a shot of herself lounging on the beach in a print bikini. She looks incredible, and she knows it. She captioned the hot-girl shot, “if it requires a bikini, my answer is always yes please!”

Berry puts a lot into her fitness routine and diet—and has for decades. The actress spoke to Harper's Bazaar in March about how being diagnosed with diabetes as a teen led her to drastically change her diet (she cut out sugar decades ago and now follows a keto or ketogenic diet) and the way she takes care of herself.

“Being diagnosed with diabetes when I was 19—that was an aha moment that just changed my whole life,” she said. “When I realized that I had a disease that I could actually manage by my diet and exercise, and live longer and stay healthier? That's when I got really committed to making fitness and exercise and diet a real part of my life.”

“The by-product of that has been that I've stayed in pretty good shape all these years, and I feel strong, and I can run around after my little kid,” she continued. “Trying to manage that disease has really benefited me in so many other ways.”

Workout routine-wise, Berry told Harper's Bazaar she does weights, Pilates, yoga, and even martial arts now. I've always been fit, and have always thought about fitness and taking care of my body.” she said. “It's only changed in terms of how I've been adding to my fitness regimen. It used to just be working out with weights, and then I got into Pilates, and then I got into yoga, and now I'm into martial arts.”

As for her Instagram? Berry called being on the platform “really liberating. For so many years, I felt that before I was really a part of social media, many times media outlets would write articles, and they kept spinning the same story,” she told Harper's Bazaar. “And they were telling the story about me that they either wanted to tell for their publication or just their limited view of who I was. Now with social media, I can control what people know about me and how I present it. One of the benefits of aging—there are many—but one of them is you just start to not give a fuck anymore. Excuse my French. But you just start to not give a fuck!”

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