Halle Bailey's 'The Little Mermaid' Doll Is Flying off Shelves — Here's Where to Buy It

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If there's one thing Disney's new live-action The Little Mermaid movie has proven, it's that you're never too old to play with dolls. Ahead of the film's release on May 26, sales of Ariel dolls in Halle Bailey's likeness have skyrocketed, and it won't be long until these limited-edition collector's items sell out entirely.

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Disney'sThe Little Mermaid Transforming Ariel Doll




Though Disney's covetable $150 Ariel Collector Doll (of which there were only 5,200 produced) has already sold out for good, there are still plenty of other officially licensed Ariel dolls you can still get your hands on. Ahead of the film's release this weekend, Mattel's Transforming Ariel Doll — currently the #1 bestselling doll on Amazon — is on sale now for just $21.

Inspired by Halle Bailey in the new live-action film, it has long red hair, a sparkly mermaid tail and an optional long blue skirt. Press Ariel's seashell necklace, and her outfit transforms from land to water and back again. Though it's designed with kids' playtime in mind, the doll is just as collectible as the more expensive Disney version that's sold out.

Those looking for a doll they can put on display should opt for the Deluxe Mermaid Ariel Doll that's also available through Mattel's Little Mermaid store on Amazon. The fully-posable doll comes with hair jewelry, a pearlescent crown and a fabric mermaid tail with metallic scales and ruffle trim — plus, a whirlpool-inspired stand that makes it easy to display.

Halle Bailey fans on social media can't get over how much the live-action Ariel dolls resemble the 23-year-old actress, from the red locs to the shape of her nose to the mole above her eyebrow. "Representation matters, and I am thrilled with this purchase," writes one Amazon reviewer.

Note that as demand for the doll rises, it may appear temporarily out of stock, though not gone completely. The retailer says that you can still place an order. They'll notify you once they have a delivery date, and you won’t be charged until the item ships.

And to ensure your little ones don't damage your precious collector's item, Disney also offers cuddle-able Little Mermaid plush dolls and a singing Ariel doll that can be used both in and out of the water. Designed with playtime in mind, they make for excellent birthday gifts, especially if your child is obsessed with the new live-action film.

Regardless of which Ariel doll you're after, you'll want to hurry and make it "Part of Your World" before it sells out for good! Resale prices are expected to go through the roof once these limited-edition Ariel dolls sell out, so be sure to keep the display box in case you ever decide to downsize your personal collection.

Might we suggest grabbing some additional limited-edition Little Mermaid merch, like this Melissa McCarthy-inspired Ursula doll, while you're at it? Chances are, these items won't last long once the film hits theaters this weekend on May 26.

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