‘The Half of It’ Cast’s Instagrams Prove Why They’re You’re Next Rom Com Obsession

Jason Pham

We’ve seen the power of Netflix’s rom com stars (hello, Noah Centineo), so when we watched The Half of It, it’s no surprise we were immediately smitten with the cast. If you’re as obsessed as us, here’s how to follow Netflix’s The Half of It cast on Instagram, so you can keep up with Ellie, Paul and Aster outside of your TV screen.

The Half of It, which premiered on May 1, follows a Chinese-American teenager named Ellie Chu, who makes money by writing essays for her classmates. One day, a student named Paul asks Ellie if she could finish the love letter he wrote to his crush. But when Ellie reads the name on the note—Aster Flores—she realizes that the same girl Paul...

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