Hairstylist Brad Mondo Tried to Help Three People Through Their Quarantine Hair Dye Disasters

Megan Uy

From Cosmopolitan

During the past few months of quarantine, you probably thought about switching up your hair because you were either 1) in dire need of a cut, 2) wanted a fresh summer style, or 3) were simply bored AF. For some, this thought might have turned into more than just an thought, and you might be sitting there reading this with splotchy green hair or a wad of uneven bangs RTFN.

Since going to the salon is still a no-go for some people in certain states, we decided to conduct an experiment. Are drastic at-home hair transformations possible if you're virtually guided by a professional? We got three lucky (or unlucky, depending on your POV) people and famous hairstylist/wizard Brad Mondo to put that to the test.

Our volunteers came with visions for what they wanted their new 'do to look like, and they went pretty bold with their choices. Maxwell Losgar, Cosmo's entertainment director, decided to dye his whole head purple AND buzz off some hair. Liesl Lar, Cosmo's video producer, chose to color her tips a periwinkle shade. Bold! And Sahara Price, a Cosmo friend, went for a baby pink and peach ombre look.

Now, I don't want to spoil anything for you, so you'll have to watch the whole video to catch the final, shocking looks.

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