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'Hair and skin savers': These No. 1 bestselling satin pillowcases are only $3 a pop, a smooth 50% off

It's the little things that make life special every day — a great cup of coffee, a cozy sweater, a pretty view out the kitchen window. If, for you, this list would include the delight of falling asleep and waking up on satin, we're right there with you.

But even a treat that's undeniably luxurious doesn't have to cost a fortune. Amazon's No. 1 bestselling Bedsure Satin Pillowcases are over 50% off at the moment — down to just $6 a pair. Not only do they make you feel like royalty, but they also help your hair stay smooth while you sleep (bedhead will become a thing of the past). Silky bedding with beauty benefits to boot? Now that's something special. Scroll for more details — and so many more colors.

Getting your beauty sleep is about to get a lot more soothing. These soft and silky satin pillowcases have over 223,000 five-star reviews.

$6 at Amazon

Why is this a good deal?

We've yet to see this set go on sale for less than its current price, and the fact that you're getting two for as little as $6 — or $3 each — makes it an absolute bargain. The pillowcases look so much more luxe than their low price tag would imply, and they'll instantly elevate the feel of your bed. You'll be sleeping in style for a steal.

Why do I need this?

Aside from being super-soft and silky smooth, these satin pillowcases don't pull at your skin or hair like most cotton cases do.

Satin pillowcases "create less friction, so your hair doesn't get tangled in the pillowcases as much," board-certified dermatologist Ife J. Rodney, MD, founding director of Eternal Dermatology + Aesthetics, tells Yahoo Life. "That prevents your hair from getting broken as you roll around the pillow at night," she adds.

Rodney says satin pillowcases are also gentle on the skin. They minimize scratches, abrasions, and friction against your skin while you're sleeping. This particular pillowcase boasts an envelope-closure design, so your pillows won’t pop out throughout the night, even if you move around a lot in your sleep.

The pillowcases are also machine-washable, making them super easy to clean. They come in five sizes, ranging from standard to king — including a body pillow style — and 35 colors, so it'll be a breeze to find an option (or two or three) that fits your bedroom’s aesthetic.

silk pillowcase
Silky pillowcases instantly upgrade your entire bedroom. Watch and see! (Amazon)

What reviewers say

No wonder more than 223,000 (!) shoppers have given Bedsure pillowcases their five-star seal of approval, with one saying they provide “sweet dreams on a budget.” The enthused reviewer added, “OMG, what a great find. … The fabric is silky smooth and soft. ... The quality is excellent.”

“Love these,” said another. “I never thought a pillowcase could make a difference, but my skin and hair look so much better in the morning.”

A third agreed, writing: “My hair has been so much better since I started using these. I wake up and my hair is smooth, knot-free and not greasy at all. My hair used to look like a rat's nest when I woke up when I slept in cotton, but now my hair looks and feels so much better that today I didn't even have to brush it! I was going to buy silk until I found out that they kill the silkworms to make it, so I chose these satin cases instead, and I'm so happy I did.”

“No bedhead or wrinkles,” reported a fourth. “This satin pillowcase keeps my hair from being a mess in the morning and prevents wrinkling and facial lines. Cotton pillows always left marks and lines on my face, but this satin pillowcase eliminates all that. This inexpensive satin pillowcase outperforms 400-count cotton pillowcases at a fraction of the cost.”

"Hair and skin savers," said one more fan. "As I got older, I noticed my hair becoming thinner and thinner. I take hair vitamins, use top-quality hair products and still it was breaking off. I decided to try sleeping on these after reading about their benefits to hair and skin. ... I have had a HUGE difference in both my hair and my face. No more pillowcase face wrinkles in the morning, and my hair isn't in a rat's nest. The breakage has improved dramatically!"

Exclaimed a final shopper: "Always cool to lay on at bedtime. They do wrinkle a lot, so if that's something that concerns you, maybe try something else." Hey, better the fabric than your skin!

A luxurious night's sleep is in your future. Choose from 35 colors.

$10 at Amazon

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