Hailey Bieber Is a High-Fashion Velma on Date Night with Justin

Hailey Bieber Is a High-Fashion Velma on Date Night with Justin

It's the prerogative of any street style darling to find fashion inspiration from every corner of pop culture, from Princess Diana and Audrey Hepburn to Barbie and Clueless. Hailey Bieber is no exception.

The model previously opened up to Harper's BAZAAR about her affinity for the wardrobe of the late Princess of Wales, but her oft-paparazzied street style looks also nod to the effortlessly cool off-duty style of the supermodels who reigned in the '90s.

In her latest outfit, pictured in Harpers Bazaar and worn during a Nobu date night with husband Justin Bieber yesterday, the Rhode founder elevated a silhouette and color palette commonly associated with none other than Velma from Scooby-Doo (a fashion icon in her own right). Pulling from Isabel Marant, Hailey made the case for the little orange dress by wearing a vibrant mohair-blend Bardot minidress. She wore no necklace, letting her bare décolletage do the talking.

Upping the ante, Hailey went with a baby blue shearling bag from Bottega Veneta and finished the look with white socks, black leather Proenza Schouler loafers, and gold Tiffany & Co. hoop earrings.

Beauty-wise, she opted for a rose-toned glossy lip and pulled her hair into a slicked-back bun.

In Harper's BAZAAR's September 2022 cover story, the model got candid about her attitude toward getting dressed.

"I get photographed so much that I feel like sometimes I put pressure on myself," she said. "Even if I'm just throwing on jeans and a T-shirt, I want it to be a dope pair of jeans and a great T-shirt!"

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