We Had Our Editors Test The Most Comfortable Bed Sheets of 2024—Here’s What’s Worth Buying

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Tossing, turning, kicking the sheets off the bed and cursing pills from the dryer—sound familiar? We've all been there, desperately trying to find the perfect bed sheets. Yet, with so many options on the market promising softness, durability or cooling relief, it's hard to narrow down which set will feel most comfortable. That's where PureWow’s team of sleep-obsessed editors comes in. I asked our editors to roll up their sleeves (and crawl into bed) to thoroughly test, rate and review the most popular bed sheets beloved by reviewers. Think: everything from Brooklinen’s silky-smooth sateen to Riley Home’s cooling percale to Sferra’s hotel-worthy cotton. So below, 10 of the best options, plus what to look for when you’re on the hunt for the most comfortable bed sheets.

The Most Comfortable Bed Sheets of 2024 at a Glance

How I Tested The Most Comfortable Bed Sheets

First, I rounded up a list of the top-reviewed bed sheets in each category (aka percale, sateen, bamboo, flannel and jersey). Then, I made sure each editor slept on the sheets for 30+ days—and washed/dried them at least once. After a month of testing and washing, I narrowed down each selection based on whether it was a) buttery soft or smooth enough to feel comfortable instead of scratchy, b) cooling or breathable for hot sleepers and c) durable enough to hold up in the wash without pilling or tearing.

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1. Riley Home Percale Sheet Set

riley Home

TOTAL: 97/100

Made from 100 percent cotton with a tight percale weave, these sheets are the equivalent of a five-star breath of fresh air. “The cotton is crisp and cool, like an expensive men's summerweight button-down. The fabric is lightweight, but not so thin that I felt like it would tear after one season,” senior PureWow editor Dana Dickey explains. To that end, she compares the quality of the Portuguese cotton to something you’d find at a luxury resort: “They feel like heaven; silky and inviting. And while white sheets will never stay pristine with muddy paw prints from my dog, a little Shout stain remover goes a long way. I'm multiple washes in, and they’re staying stain-free, soft and crisp, with no fraying.” It’s also worth mentioning that Dickey didn’t get too hot (or cold) with these sheets, so she gave it high marks for temperature regulation.


2. Quince Classic Organic Percale Sheet Set


TOTAL: 95/100

While the price point of this long-staple cotton set skews closer to budget-friendly, the 270 thread count percale weave is anything but cheap. “They feel super lightweight and breathable—not at all heavy, which I love for the warmer months,” says PureWow assistant commerce editor Natalie LaBarbera. And aside from the fact that they’re breathable enough for hot sleepers like LaBarbera, she also says they’re durable over time: “I cleaned the sheets on a regular wash cycle in cold water and dried them on normal heat; they’re just as soft as when I first got them! The pet hair from my dog sleeping next to me totally came out, too.” Bonus: the fitted sheet fits mattresses up to 16 inches deep—and it comes with "top" and "bottom" labels with elastic all the way around.

FROM $149; $80 AT QUINCE

3. Brooklinen Luxe Sateen Core Sheet Set


TOTAL: 93/100

If you’re on the hunt for something that’s ultra soft, look no further than this set from Brooklinen. Not only does it feature 480 thread count long-staple cotton, but the sateen is also woven with a special one-yarn-under and three-yarn-over technique for a silky, buttery smooth finish. PureWow assistant editor Delia Curtis raves: “The sateen is incredibly snug—almost velvety—but they’re also fairly breathable. I could see myself using them year-round, which is a statement, considering I run very hot when I sleep.” She also adds: “I have a couple of sets of these sheets and they get softer with every wash… They lose a bit of their crispness over time, but that's to be expected with most cotton materials.” Still, what she loved most about this set was the signature sheen finish: “I LOVED the color of my set. Unfortunately, the Tropical Orchid colorway is no longer available, but there is a slew of playful colors and patterns to choose from… the shine gives it a hint of maximalist glam while still looking sleek.”



4. Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set

Cozy earth

TOTAL: 95/100

While these sheets are crafted from premium viscose from bamboo—which is known to be naturally cooling—they’re in a league of their own when it comes to softness. In fact, PureWow assistant editor Courtney Mason said she was blown away by how silky they felt, considering how well the material cooled her: “I tend to run very warm at night, but these were very temperature regulating—I definitely noticed a difference in the cooling department. Plus, despite being made with bamboo, they have a uniquely smooth and buttery feel.” She also mentions that they’ve maintained their original softness after washing—and there’s zero color fading over time: “I chose the creme color,  which is pretty neutral, but I was (pleasantly surprised) to find that the tones readers more as a pale yellow in-person. Very close to the limitless Pantone shade.”



5. The Company Store Supima Cotton Sheet Set 

company store

TOTAL: 93/100

With a Supima cotton construction, these sheets are not only incredibly soft but also exceptionally breathable. For those who don’t know, Supima cotton features longer fibers that allow air to circulate freely—all while keeping you dry from night sweats throughout the night. “I tend to sweat in my sleep, but I've been waking up sweat-free since switching to this bedding,” backs PureWow senior commerce editor Stephanie Maida. “They have some weight to them and feel sturdy and luxurious. Again, I'm a hot sleeper and have used these on the warmest spring days… I found them to be light and breathable enough to keep me cool.” She also says the sheets feel softer over time: “After washing, the bedding feels a little softer and more lived-in, and there's been zero pilling or signs of wear so far. They're just as smooth and cool as the first night I slept with them.” The best part? It’s available in deep-pocket options that fit mattresses up to 20 inches thick.


6. Parachute Linen Sheet Set


TOTAL: 93/100

Speaking of breathability; this option is manufactured in Portugal from fine European flax (aka the highest quality linen you can find). According to PureWow associate SEO editor Marissa Wu, “The sheets almost feel like nothing is there—it keeps my body at a neutral temperature, even though we’ve had a handful of warmer days, and I have yet to feel stuffy or overheated.” And while Wu docked points for softness, she emphasizes: “Linen by nature is a little rougher, and despite the fact that this set is naturally coarser than cotton or bamboo, it’s actually pretty soft.” In terms of cooling, however, linen also has an inherently flowy drape that allows for ample ventilation: “I haven't been sweaty, that's for sure,” Wu adds. But the real kicker is the effortless, laidback look of these sheets—coupled with the fact that you can customize the style of the pillowcases: “I went with the bone color and I can totally envision line-drying these sheets on a farm, fluttering in the breeze… gorgeously romantic!”



7. Sferra Celeste Collection


TOTAL: 90/100

Straight from Italy and crafted from pure, extra-long-staple cotton, it makes sense why luxury hotels like The Carlyle and L'Ermitage Beverly Hills include these sheets in their five-star accommodation. It has a super polished hand, thanks to the 406 thread count percale weave, and classic-style flanges with minimal hemstitching make it ooze understated elegance. “The cotton felt extra luxe, but I found a noticeable difference in the feel after washing it (which helped reduce any out-of-the-packaging stiffness). I love how breezy and cooling it feels, too. The hotel quality can’t be beaten and it only gets better with wear and tear (i.e. additional washes and use),” says Rachel Bowie, PureWow’s senior director of special projects. She continues, “That's the thing about the Celeste bedding set—the more you wash it, the softer it feels. It took a few washes to really feel buttery; the tighter weave of the percale seems to relax a bit the more you wash it.” Plus, while some people reported ironing the sheets to help keep their shape, Bowie said they stayed wrinkle-free without ironing.



8. Boll & Branch Signature Hemmed Sheet Set

boll & branch

TOTAL: 91/100

What we love most about these sheets—aside from the deep, 17-inch pockets—is that they’re made from GOTS-certified organic cotton (aka free from toxins and harmful pesticides). This means that they’re not only great for folks with sensitive skin but they’re also built to last, thanks to a durable four-over-one-under weave. PureWow fashion editor Abby Hepworth says, “They’ve held up beautifully to multiple washes, getting softer each time. The sheets have also survived two very sharp-clawed cats. I don't see any holes or tears, despite my little terrors running amok in the bedroom.” And while Hepworth noted that these might feel too thick for sweaty sleepers, she also says the quality is well worth the investment: “They have a very nice feel and heft to them—lay beautifully on the bed—and because they’re relatively thick, they don't appear sheer or tinted. I can tell these will go the distance ” Long story short? It’s a lasting, all-season option if you run cooler at night.



9. Garnet Hill Solid Jersey-Knit Bedding

Garnet Hill

TOTAL: 94/100

While most jersey sheets tend to run hot, this set is woven from fine yarns with a tight combed cotton construction to make them feel extra-breathable. “I usually have to retire my jersey sheets come spring/summer but these did a (surprisingly) good job of regulating my body temperature. I didn't wake up in a pool of sweat, and the material doesn’t seem to absorb or lock in heat… they somehow remained relatively cool to the touch,” explains PureWow executive managing editor Catrina Yohay. These sheets feel so crisp, in fact, that she docked a few points for softness: “When I think of jersey sheets, I imagine a buttery soft material of your favorite worn-in t-shirt… these almost felt too smooth at first, especially compared to other jersey sheets I own. But they definitely loosened after washing and continue to get softer over time.” Plus, what Yohay loved most was the slight grain in the oatmeal heather finish: “I'm not a fan of stark white sheets so this is the perfect neutral hue to match my bedroom decor—definitely fits the English Country design aesthetic.”


10. L.L. Bean Ultrasoft Comfort Flannel Sheet Set

L.L. Bean

TOTAL: 94/100

Yet another option that’s surprisingly lightweight and cooling? This 5-ounce flannel set from L.L. Bean. While Hepworth found the Boll & Branch sheets to be too dense for her night sweats, she fell in love with the feel of this one’s brushed cotton: “They're lightweight and soft, but not soft like cashmere. They feel more like your favorite worn-in button-up—smooth and feathery to the touch.” Plus, while these sheets aren’t specifically billed as a cooling option, Hepworth says they keep her cool on even the hottest summer nights: “Specifically, the pillowcases, which don't overheat my head and face so I feel smothered…the top sheet is also super breathable and lightweight; ideal for air ventilation.” Add to that the fact that she’s had this set for more than five years and it’s still holding up: “Outside of a little color fading, they look good as new! And that's after countless washes and dryer cycles—and years of rowdy cats clawing their way onto the bed to wrestle. They've lasted so beautifully and don't feel thin or worn-out with holes.”


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