Gwyneth Paltrow Trial: Jury Reaches a Verdict

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The 'Iron Man' actress has spent the last several days in court fighting a lawsuit over a skiing accident in 2016.

Gwyneth Paltrow's court battle is officially over.

The 50-year-old actress, who has been on trial for over a week fighting a lawsuit from a 2016 skiing accident, was finally cleared of fault on Thursday, March 30, after the jury reached a verdict in her favor.

Despite the allegations from retired optometrist Terry Sanderson, who claimed Paltrow crashed into her on the ski mountain at Deer Valley ski resort in 2016, the jury found him "100 percent" at fault for the collision, per The New York Times.

After spending several days in a courtroom in Park City, Utah, and pleading her case, the Iron Man star was granted $1 in damages, as she requested in her countersuit against Sanderson.

In his initial suit, Sanderson, 76, insisted the Goop founder was skiing “out of control” during the February 2016 incident and that she ran into him from behind, “knocking him down hard" and causing him to lose consciousness. He also accused her of skiing away after the crash, leaving him lying in the snow.

He was seeking $300,000 in damages, claiming that the movie star caused him "permanent traumatic brain injury, four broken ribs, pain suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, emotional distress and disfigurement."

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Paltrow denied crashing into Sanderson during her testimony and maintained that she was "not engaging in any risky behavior" while on the mountain.

The Shakespeare in Love star further claimed that it was Sanderson who ran into her, as she was the one further down the slopes. (According to Utah ski law, the person further down the slope has the right of way, as it also says in the Deer Valley Resort's safety policies.)

Paltrow testified that she "fell over with Mr. Sanderson," causing them both to hit the ground. She remembered yelling, "you skied directly into my f--king back," and that he apologized.

Paltrow's children, Apple Martin, 18, and Moses Martin, 16, both took the stand during the trial to testify about the events of the day in question, with her daughter saying her mother was in "a state of shock" after the incident.

She also remembered her mom telling her that someone had hit her from behind, while Moses said he heard Paltrow telling Sanderson, "You just ran into me," in the moments after the crash.

The trial, which became somewhat of a viral event, has now come to a close, and Paltrow is likely ready to move on from this situation once and for all.

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