The Gwyneth Paltrow-Loved Dry Shampoo That Leaves Thinning Hair 'So Voluminous' Is on Sale for $14 Right Now

French Pharmacy brand Klorane's plant-based formula boosts volume sans white streaks.

Every day is a holiday these days. Thanks to hashtags, basically every industry has come up with several excuses to celebrate.

And you know what? That usually means sales, so we're not complaining...especially with all this inflation stuff raging on. If you need us, we'll be ignoring egg-related headlines and living it up on National Dry Shampoo Day, coming up on March 10.

Shop It: Klorane Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk, $14, with code NDSD30

To celebrate, Klorane is offering 30% off full-size dry shampoos using code NDSD30.

That means the Internet-famous Gwyneth Paltrow-approved dry shampoo with so-soothing, organically-harvested oat milk is currently on sale for $14.

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The Klorane Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk is usually $20, but type in the code NDSD30 to apply a 30% discount, bringing the price down to $14.

Happy National Dry Shampoo Day, indeed.

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For those who haven't hopped the bandwagon right alongside the Goop queen herself, Klorane Dry Shampoo is loved for its nourishing, gentle formulation full of plant-based ingredients.

Aside from oat milk, Klorane dry shampoo has corn and rice starch with cleansing powers, allowing you to stay clean between washes. These ingredients combine with natural, absorbent microspheres and silica to nix unnecessary dirt, odor and oil (remember, a little natural oil is beneficial).

And it doesn't just ditch odor. One of its many benefits is that it leaves the air smelling fresh. Volume is another perk, because 94% of users felt their hair had more volume, based on Klorane's research of 31 subjects.

But more than that say the same in the comments.

"I have a very sensitive scalp, and this is the only dry shampoo that I can use that doesn’t irritate [it]. The ingredients are natural. It also gives my hair so much volume. You have to just spray a small amount. This is a hair game-changer," raved one fan.

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The subtle scent is also a much-loved feature.

"This is my favorite dry shampoo. It is very effective and has a nice neutral fragrance. I have fine hair and often need a boost before styling between washings," said another.

"Two thumbs up," started one user, who also gave the dry shampoo 5 stars. "The fragrance is light and not overwhelming like most dry shampoos."

But one of the most common themes? This Klorane dry shampoo truly leaves hair looking clean, which means none of those white spots, separating it from the pack.

"Amazing — [It] cleans hair without the white powder residue," said one fan.

"[The] first dry shampoo that actually left my scalp relaxed and truly no powdery residue," wrote another.

"This dry shampoo smells great, doesn't leave a white powder and really gave my hair a good refresh! I used it on my dirtiest hair day, definitely felt and looked less oily. My boyfriend even liked it too in his hair," said another.

At $14 a bottle, you can get your main squeeze their own. Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk, $14 at Klorane

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