Gwen Stefani Made a Rain Poncho Look Like Real Fashion at Universal Studios

Gwen Stefani. Wow.

The 47-year-old singer has been setting trends since the '90s, when her punkish, too-cool-to-deal-with-you style defined No Doubt’s look. Because of her, women and men felt more freedom to embrace long black ties, houndstooth pants, fishnet everything, crop tops, beanies, and braces, among many other things, in order to channel that slightly underground rock-punk aesthetic.

Now, however, the mom of three is making us want to wear an item you’d only slip on due to weather conditions: ponchos. That’s right, ponchos. On Monday, Stefani took sons Zuma and Kingston, 8 and 11, to Universal Studios.

There, they hopped from one attraction to the next, including The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. But what happened on the Jurassic Park ride changed everything.

Essentially, the seated ride comes to an end with a great fall into a river that gets everyone wet. So what did Stefani do? She wore a poncho, and she wore it fabulously. Case in point:

Her pink Coca-Cola hoodie peeked through from beneath the clear plastic. And those accessories? The jewels, her sunglasses, and those bright pink nails made us wonder: Are ponchos fashion’s next big thing?

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Only time will tell, but for now, props to Gwen.