Guy's Attempt to Keep His Animals Off Freshly Poured Concrete Backfires Miserably

There's nothing better than getting to make improvements to your home, but it can be a real mess! The owner of Fluffy Feather Farm had fresh concrete poured for a new driveway last week and was excited to get it done...that is, until all the animals showed up to check it out.

Maverick and Goose are his two geese, and of course they immediately wanted to see what was going on. Then the cats showed up to see what was up. He was playing 'goose guard' and trying to make sure the animals all stayed off the new - and perfect - concrete. The cats started chasing the geese and it was chaos! He tried so hard to keep the animals away from it, but to no avail. Goose decided to walk across the concrete, leaving his cute little prints behind!

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The owner of @Fluffy Feather Farm sure has his hands full! Goose didn't seem to have a care in the world or be at all concerned about his dad chasing him away! But I'll be honest and say I would've left them. They'd look cute! And it is a would be fitting to have the prints there!

Commenters were not happy that he got rid of the prints...not at all! As @kellikat7 said, "But animal footprints are so cute and on-brand for a farm!!!"

This story has a happy ending! The next day, the guys came back to pour the other half of the driveway. To make up for getting rid of the prints, he did the unexpected...he let all of the animals walk on the wet concrete! The dog, both of the geese, a cat, chicken, and a mini-donkey as well as all the guys left their prints. I couldn't love this more!

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