Guy sues Apple for $2 trillion over 2018 iPhone repair

A Missouri man is suing Apple, claiming

that the company kept his iPhone

after he went to get it repaired...

and used “special features” available

on his phone to create features

for future iOS updates.

According to Apple Insider, Raevon Terrell Parker told the U.S. District Court for

the Eastern District of Missouri...

that he took his iPhone 7 to the

Saint Louis Galleria in October 2018.

Parker then claims that

a staff member took his

phone to fix it and then kept it.

providing Parker with

a replacement phone.

Parker claims that the employee

took the phone after realizing

it had brand new features.

None of Parker’s court filings specifies

what he means by saying his iPhone

“was the first to have new features”...

and why he would be entitled to

credit and compensation for the

“discovery of the Group FaceTime feature”.

The lawsuit includes Parker suing Apple

for “distress, humiliation, embarrassment,

[and] defamation of character”.

According to Parker, he was labeled “crazy” at the Apple Store.

As of now, the lawsuit has been dismissed by the judge for not actually stating a claim

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