Guy offers a drink to girl at a bar, then refuses to pay for it

It’s a classic rom-com setup. Guy sees girl from across the bar, guy offers to buy her a drink as an excuse to talk to her, girl orders four double shots of 1942 Don Julio Tequila.

A 23-year-old guy posted on Reddit asking whether he was in the wrong for this night-out snafu.

After dancing with and talking to a “really hot girl,” the 23-year-old pulled her over to the bar and offered to buy her a drink. He placed his order for a beer, and, as he told the bartender, “whatever she wants.”

The girl then promptly orders four double shots of expensive tequila — for reference, one shot of 1942 Don Julio is $75 — explaining that she was buying extras for her friends.

But when the bartender returned, the Reddit poster handed over a $10 bill to cover his beer and tip and then left. As for the girl’s reaction, he wrote, “She was pissed and yelling the normal insults.”

Typically this is where the story would end, except there’s a twist.

“Well it turns out my mom works with her and they were talking and my mom showed her a picture of me (god damn it mom!) and she instantly recognized me and remembered my name and told my mom about what I did. My mom then called me and said I’m a huge a**hole,” the post continued.

The cost of four drinks plus tip equaled out to $325.

The top response on the post was, “I was all ready to say you were [the a**hole] till reading the part where you offered her a drink and she ordered FOUR! WHAT THE HELL.”

“I’m a mom, but I’m still very proud of you. No decent girl would have tried to pull that trick. She had no respect for you or herself,” one person replied.

There was even a potential love story blossoming in the comments section between a commenter and the original poster.

“I’m out dancing with someone who is practically a stranger and he offers to buy me a drink … what nut job orders a $75 shot (forget FOUR of them)!?! I had always been told to not order food or a drink that I wouldn’t be willing to buy myself,” someone wrote.

“You’re my type of woman, next time you’re in Toronto I’ll get ya a drink ;),” the guy replied.

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