This Guy Did Nothing But Video Game Workouts for 30 Days

In a recent video on his YouTube channel, gamer and streamer Skooch reveals that after realizing he was in probably the worst shape of his life—a result of sitting in a gaming chair all day and eating too much fast food—he decided to see how much of a change he could make to his body simply by playing fitness-themed games using a VR headset.

"I wanted to develop the world's first ever gamer body; a body crafted by video games and video games alone," he says. "VR gaming is kind of magical, and there's a lot of games that can get your heart-rate up and pumping," he says.

Skooch started out by playing Beat Saber, where you use the controller to deflect boxes that come flying towards you set to music. "I felt like zoning out to bangers would be the easiest way to actually burn calories," he says.

"The first day of doing this was actually significantly harder than I expected it to be," he says, although he adds that he soon got used to it over the following days. "It gave me a reason to get up off my gamer chair and do something that was actually good for my body."

Skooch also found that as he got better at the game, the intensity increased, meaning the workouts got shorter. "Standing up and having to swing your arms around for hours every single day is exhausting and time-consuming," he says. "So being able to cut down that time and still burn calories felt pretty good."

However, just playing the one game soon began to feel like a chore, and so Skooch switched things up and started playing other games like Bullet Hells and Ring Fit Adventure that involved moving his body.

"These other games were nowhere near as effective at burning fat off of my body, but it didn't matter... a bad workout is better than no workout at all," he says. "I could feel the routine of fitness games starting to form in my brain, but I had to keep it interesting so I kept jumping around random games... It wasn't something I dreaded throughout my day like a lot of the other exercises I've done, this just kind of became part of my life."

At the start of the challenge, Skooch weighed 186.2 pounds. Through a month of exclusively playing fitness games, with no additional workouts or changes to his diet, he dropped down to 177.6 pounds, a total loss of 8.6 pounds. "My body results weren't that drastic, and this isn't going to be selling any posters," he says. "The point was to see if I could get into better shape using video games and video games alone, and I feel like I did pretty well... One step is infinitely better than zero, so as long as you take that one step you're headed in the right direction."

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