This Guy Ate A Whole Rotisserie Chicken Every Day For 40 Days

This Guy Ate A Whole Rotisserie Chicken Every Day For 40 Days

There's no doubt about itL: rotisserie chicken is pretty amazing. It's the perfect when you need a quick and easy dinner. And you can also chop it up to create a hearty soup or a savory chicken salad sandwich. As wonderful as rotisserie chicken might be, we couldn't imagine eating the dish 40 days in a row.

To our surprise, there's a Philadelphia man who managed to do just that: eat an entire rotisserie chicken every day for 40 days straight. The man, whose Twitter handle is @AlexiconTom, began documenting each day by the time he hit the 11th day.

"I would like to Invite you all on a journey that I am on. I am eating a rotisserie chicken every day for 30 days. Today is day 11. I will keep you all updated as I get closer to my goal. Thank you," he wrote on October 8.

From the look of @AlexiconTom's photos, there doesn't appear to be any side dishes to go along with the chicken. But on most occasions, though, he was accompanied by a tall bottle of Polar seltzer water. Because who needs mashed potatoes and gravy when you have seltzer water?

In each photo, before diving into his rotisserie chicken, @AlexiconTom appeared nearly stoic, occasionally flaunting a slight smirk or a thumbs up, but on his final day it was an all-out celebration.

His 40th consecutive day of rotisserie chicken-eating was attended by dozens of newfound fans. It took place at an "abandoned pier near Walmart." A classy location, if we do say so ourselves.

Could you have survived as long as @AlexiconTom?

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