What Is a Gut-Healing Diet, Really?

Gastroenterologists and dietitians break down everything you need to know about eating for a healthy (and happy) gut.

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What Is a Gut-Healing Diet, Really?

This diet is about prioritizing the health of your gut microbiome.

The gut microbiome influences metabolism, energy storage, and hunger hormones. Balancing it can fine tune these processes.

There's no one way to follow a gut-healing diet, since everyone's digestive health is so different, but there are a few guidelines.

Those on a gut-health diet should limit refined carbs, processed food, high-fat food, dairy, red meat, and artificial sweeteners.

Gut-healing foods to focus on include high-fiber fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and foods with healthy fats.

Eating for a healthy gut also means opting for lean, unprocessed white meat such as chicken, turkey, and seafood.

Fermented foods, which are rich in probiotics, are another important part of a successful gut-health diet.