Gunplay Gifts Lavish Chain to Rick Ross, But Uses GoFundMe for Medical Bills

2015 june 25 rapper rick ross charged with kidnapping, assault in georgia as per cnn
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  • Rapper Gunplay recently recorded himself presenting an expensive gold chain to his friend Rick Ross

  • Fans reacted with confusion, since a few months back, Gunplay had posted a GoFundMe to seek assistance for his daughter's medical bills

  • The whole situation might be part of a chain of events stemming from comments from The Breakfast Club's DJ Envy

When rapper Rick Ross isn't busy doing guest spots on the Queen Latifah-led The Equalizer reboot or dropping f-bombs in a wrestling ring, he's receiving bling from his friends and admirers. Nobody batted an eye when Ross' weed guy hooked him up with $130K worth of jewelry a few months back (after all, who among us hasn't been gifted gold along with our 40-sack delivery, right?).

But a gold chain from fellow rapper Gunplay has some hip-hop fans scratching their heads, considering the financial position Gunplay recently implied he was in, having posted a GoFundMe to seek help for his daughter's medical bills.

Gunplay (real name Richard Morales Jr.) goes way back with The Boss Rick Ross. The two met back in 1997 and, along with rappers Torch and Young Breed, formed the rap group Triple C's, whose Custom Cars & Cycles hit the Billboard 200 charts back in 2009. Ross gave Gunplay his solo debut with the track "Gunplay" on Ross' own 2009 studio album Deeper Than Rap, which allowed Morales Jr. to pursue a solo rap career, exploding into the public consciousness three years later with an appearance on Kendrick Lamar's 2012 track "Cartoon and Cereal." Gunplay would eventually hit the Billboard 200 charts again as a solo artist with 2015's Living Legend.

So considering that trajectory, it's easy to see why Gunplay might feel indebted enough to Ross that he'd purchase "a chunky, diamond Cuban link and pendant reading 'ANML SHLTR' from jeweler Frankie Diamonds," as Vibe reports.

But Vibe also notes that fans are perplexed by the social media post that Gunplay made showcasing the chain's presentation, considering "he and his fiancée set up a GoFundMe to help cover the cost of their ill daughter’s medical expenses."

So why is a man who was begging for financial assistance spending money on a gift for a celebrity friend? The answer might actually be... because of DJ Envy.

As Vibe points out, a few weeks back on The Breakfast Club, host DJ Envy"called out Ross for not helping Gunplay financially." Gunplay, for his part, didn't care for his friend and mentor catching strays from the controversial radio host, and put in a phone call to Charlamagne Tha God and Envy, recording the call and posting it to social media (which might not have been legal) while threatening to "slap" Envy.

This led to Envy doubling down on his "If that’s your brother, you take care of your brother" sentiment towards Ross, with likely Gunplay then choosing to purchase an extravagant gift for Ross and making a show of it online to demonstrate... friendship, maybe?

Look, it's not the soundest logic, but we're not going to pretend the 43-year-old rapper has always made great decisions. We're talking about a guy who has a swastika tattoo, after all.

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