Gunna Says His $100k Rolex Was a 'Stupid' Purchase

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From Men's Health

Atlanta rapper Gunna is known for hits like "Drip Too Hard" and "Turks," and he recently sat down with Men’s Health for the latest installment of Men’s Wealth, where was open about everything from his most extravagant purchase to his biggest financial regret.

Gunna said he first started making money about two years ago, around the time when his mixtape Drip Season 3 dropped. And while Gunna explained that he didn't spend all of his money, he did make sure to treat himself to a few cars, and he bought his mom a house. "I bought my mom a house before I was a millionaire," he revealed. "That's one of the things I just had to do."

But his most extravagant purchase is actually a pretty sweet one, as it involved his friends: "For my Jamaica trip, I flew the whole crew out. I flew a group of girls out, the girls had their own house. It was like a vibe, I really got a chance to relax."

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And while Gunna said he doesn't really have buyer's regret for any of his purchases, he did explain that his $100,00 Rolex wasn't really worth what he spent on it.

"This watch is a two-tone Prezi Rolex...I had to buy two watches to make this one watch, because they don't make two-tone watches. The only reason I really bought it is because on the song "Oh Okay" I said 'Two tone Prezi Rolex/ Yeah this drip you can't catch.'"

And while having a one-of-a-kind watch seems pretty cool, the rapper revealed that it wasn't actually the best decision because "the watch isn't really worth anything because you broke the watch apart [to make it]. And it cost me a 100 racks."

Gunna also said that his best purchase was his $100,000 Level 6 Cadillac bulletproof armored truck, and he thinks he could easily get a profit of $50,000 if he were to sell it right now.

When it comes to his financial future, Gunna said he tries to make money outside of music by taking smart risks. He also credits his business managers and accountants for keeping his finances on track, and he revealed the best financial advice that he's ever gotten, and it's a mantra that he sticks to today: "Every time I get a check, I put half of it away."

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